Author: Amjad M. Husaini

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781780646633

Category: Science

Page: 347

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Methods of strawberry cultivation have undergone extensive modification and this book provides an up-to-date, broad and balanced scientific review of current research and emerging challenges. Subjects covered range from plant propagation, architecture, genetic resources, breeding, abiotic stresses and climate change, to evolving diseases and their control. These topics are examined in three sections: 1. Genetics, Breeding and Omics - covering genetic resources, breeding, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and genetic transformation of strawberry. 2. Cultivation Systems and Propagation - discusses plant architecture, replanting problems and plant propagation techniques. 3. Disease and Stress Management - deals with traditional and emerging fungal diseases, their diagnosis and modern biocontrol strategies, and biotechnological interventions for dealing with the challenges of climate change. Strawberry: Growth, Development and Diseases is written by an international team of specialists, using figures and tables to make the subject comprehensible and informative. It is an essential resource for academics and industry workers involved in strawberry research and development, and all those interested in the commercial cultivation of strawberries.




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Recent scientific studies reveal one important fact regarding our nutrition: Cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens, citrus fruits and berries like strawberries and blackberries are the most nutritious foods on the planet Earth. Yes, these fruits and vegetables are nothing but only nutrients and water. Among the fruits, citrus fruits and berries provide a wholesome nutrition to human body. So if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, start today to include one or more of these foods in your daily diet.
Strawberry Delights Cookbook

Author: Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Publisher: Whispering Pine Press International, Inc.

ISBN: 9781592103614

Category: Cooking

Page: 324

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The strawberry is the king of berries and the pride of gardeners everywhere. Probably no other berry is as closely associated with summertime as is the strawberry. From the visual appeal of the dark red berries peeking out from among the lush green foliage, to the unrivaled juicy sweetness to be had in eating them, strawberries are an oh-so-enjoyable part of everyone’s summer experience and can be relished frozen all year long. Delicious strawberries are versatile, nutritious, and always add a special flair to many dishes, whether used in cakes, pies and breads, in preserves, as a salad ingredient, in wines or brandies, or any number of other imaginative ways. In Strawberry Delights Cookbook, author Karen Jean Matsko Hood presents her collection of more than 280 exciting strawberry recipes that will be sure to please everyone. Inside, you will also find some fascinating reading regarding this popular berry’s history, folklore, cultivation, and much more. With recipes using readily available ingredients, Strawberry Delights Cookbook will be a valued addition to any chef ’s bookshelf.
The Strawberry Story

Author: Mallory

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462839247

Category: History

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I never read a book about the Black experience in Marshall County Mississippi; perhaps, such a book has never been written. Episodes of the black experience can be found in many books written about this historic County, but none take the Black experience as the theme. This book purports to do what other books about the County do not do; tell the black experience as lived by my great grand parent, grand parent, parent and me. I choose the historic Strawberry Missionary Baptist Church as the stage in which the story is played out. As a small child, I went with my parents to a burial in Stephenson- McAlexander Cemetery. While adults occupied themselves with the burial ceremony; my cousin, Myrtle Zinn Robinson and I seized the opportunity to probe. While probing, we made two discoveries. First, two cemeteries claimed the same serene and shady hill side; one inside the fence, the other outside. As children, the second discovery was perplexing to us; many of the surnames of those resting on both sides of the fence were Stephensons. Those inside the fence, as we were admonished, were White; those outside the fence, as we were told, were Black. This was the day an interest in history was sparked within me. The Strawberry Story opens with a statement of Marshall County in its pre Civil War glory days. After being defeated, Confederate solders hobbled back home to wide spread destruction and ruin. Among the post war problems that had to be resolved were social, political and economic issues relating to the ex-slaves. While these issues were being debated, the ex-slaves in a five mile radius south of Coldwater River in northeast Marshall County were concerned with survival and organizing a church so they could freely serve God. In Part I of the book, research was used to give the ex-slaves an identity. Through research, discoveries were made as to whom these slaves were, where they hailed from and broken families were pieced together again. Part II of this book is oral history as told by third generation Strawberry people. As a church family, they provide continuity through time from slavery to now. From slavery to now, their continuity in the church has never been broken. They were born during the first third of the twentieth century and lived through Jim Crow, survived a system of diminishing returns sharecropping, survived the hardships of the great depression and lived through World Wars I. They stayed home and survived the adversities while their siblings joined the great northern migration. They witnessed cotton loose its crown. In spite of the rage encountered, they glow when reminiscing about their sweet Strawberry school days, Saturday afternoon baseball on Max field and memories of getting a religion. While they were living it, they loved the life they lived. Both laughter and tears flow from the line of The Strawberry Story: WHEN I CAN READ MY TITLE CLEAR.
Troy Strawberry Festival, The: A History

Author: David Fong

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467147125

Category: History

Page: 144

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Beginning modestly in 1977, the Troy Strawberry Festival now attracts more than 100,000 people for food and fun. The dream of one man grew into one of the largest festivals in the Midwest and has been named the best summer festival in the state by Ohio Magazine. With events like the strawberry pie eating contest and Strawberry Queen pageant, the festival has long signaled the start of summer. Lifelong Troy resident and former journalist David Fong presents the story of the sights, sounds and tastes of this popular annual event.--
The Illustrated Strawberry Culturist

Author: Andrew S Fuller


ISBN: 9781105605802


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If we closely examine the varieties of any one species of the Strawberry, we find that they resemble each other in their general habits or manner of growth. No one at all familiar with these plants would ever mistake an Alpine Strawberry for one of any other of the well-known species, and even the Hautbois Strawberry, which, in some respects, resembles the Alpines, is sufficiently distinct to be easily recognized. There are varieties of the Wood or Alpine species that produce no runners, growing in clumps or stools; still the foliage plainly shows their origin, and, as we have no hybrids between the Alpines and other species, there is no difficulty in recognizing them wherever found. But with the North and South American species or Virginian and Chilian Strawberries the line of demarcation is not so easily determined as formerly, because they hybridize so readily that their specific characteristics have become almost obliterated in the cultivated varieties.