Supersymmetry and Trace Formulae

Author: Igor V. Lerner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461548751

Category: Science

Page: 404

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The motion of a particle in a random potential in two or more dimensions is chaotic, and the trajectories in deterministically chaotic systems are effectively random. It is therefore no surprise that there are links between the quantum properties of disordered systems and those of simple chaotic systems. The question is, how deep do the connec tions go? And to what extent do the mathematical techniques designed to understand one problem lead to new insights into the other? The canonical problem in the theory of disordered mesoscopic systems is that of a particle moving in a random array of scatterers. The aim is to calculate the statistical properties of, for example, the quantum energy levels, wavefunctions, and conductance fluctuations by averaging over different arrays; that is, by averaging over an ensemble of different realizations of the random potential. In some regimes, corresponding to energy scales that are large compared to the mean level spacing, this can be done using diagrammatic perturbation theory. In others, where the discreteness of the quantum spectrum becomes important, such an approach fails. A more powerful method, devel oped by Efetov, involves representing correlation functions in terms of a supersymmetric nonlinear sigma-model. This applies over a wider range of energy scales, covering both the perturbative and non-perturbative regimes. It was proved using this method that energy level correlations in disordered systems coincide with those of random matrix theory when the dimensionless conductance tends to infinity.
Quantum Signatures of Chaos

Author: Fritz Haake

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319975801

Category: Science

Page: 659

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This classic text provides an excellent introduction to a new and rapidly developing field of research. Now well established as a textbook in this rapidly developing field of research, the new edition is much enlarged and covers a host of new results.
Disorder-Free Localization

Author: Adam Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030208516

Category: Science

Page: 143

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This thesis is a contribution at the intersection of a number of active fields in theoretical and experimental condensed matter, particularly those concerned with disordered systems, integrable models, lattice gauge theories, and non-equilibrium quantum dynamics. It contributes an important new facet to our understanding of relaxation in isolated quantum systems by conclusively demonstrating localization without disorder for the first time, answering a long-standing question in this field. This is achieved by introducing a family of models – intimately related to paradigmatic condensed matter models – and studying their non-equilibrium dynamics through a combination of exact analytical mappings and an array of numerical techniques. This thesis also makes contributions relevant to the theory of quantum chaotic behaviour by calculating novel, and often intractable, entanglement measures and out-of-time-ordered correlators. A concrete and feasible proposal is also made for the experimental realization and dynamical study of the family of models, based on currently available technologies.
Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems

Author: Vladimir M. Akulin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400772052

Category: Science

Page: 677

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This book gathers together a range of similar problems that can be encountered in different fields of modern quantum physics and that have common features with regard to multilevel quantum systems. The main motivation was to examine from a uniform standpoint various models and approaches that have been developed in atomic, molecular, condensed matter, chemical, laser and nuclear physics in various contexts. The book should help senior-level undergraduate, graduate students and researchers putting particular problems in these fields into a broader scientific context and thereby taking advantage of well-established techniques used in adjacent fields. This second edition has been expanded to include substantial new material (e.g. new sections on Dynamic Localization and on Euclidean Random Matrices and new chapters on Entanglement, Open Quantum Systems, and Coherence Protection). It is based on the author’s lectures at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, at the CNRS Aimé Cotton Laboratory, and on other courses he has given over the last two decades.
Coherent Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems

Author: Vladimir M. Akulin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540292715

Category: Science

Page: 472

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Coherent Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems is aimed at senior-level undergraduate students in the areas of atomic, molecular, and laser physics, physical chemistry, quantum optics and quantum informatics. It should help them put particular problems in these fields into a broader scientific context and thereby take advantage of the well-elaborated technique of the adjacent fields.
Supermathematics and its Applications in Statistical Physics

Author: Franz Wegner

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662491706

Category: Science

Page: 374

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This text presents the mathematical concepts of Grassmann variables and the method of supersymmetry to a broad audience of physicists interested in applying these tools to disordered and critical systems, as well as related topics in statistical physics. Based on many courses and seminars held by the author, one of the pioneers in this field, the reader is given a systematic and tutorial introduction to the subject matter. The algebra and analysis of Grassmann variables is presented in part I. The mathematics of these variables is applied to a random matrix model, path integrals for fermions, dimer models and the Ising model in two dimensions. Supermathematics - the use of commuting and anticommuting variables on an equal footing - is the subject of part II. The properties of supervectors and supermatrices, which contain both commuting and Grassmann components, are treated in great detail, including the derivation of integral theorems. In part III, supersymmetric physical models are considered. While supersymmetry was first introduced in elementary particle physics as exact symmetry between bosons and fermions, the formal introduction of anticommuting spacetime components, can be extended to problems of statistical physics, and, since it connects states with equal energies, has also found its way into quantum mechanics. Several models are considered in the applications, after which the representation of the random matrix model by the nonlinear sigma-model, the determination of the density of states and the level correlation are derived. Eventually, the mobility edge behavior is discussed and a short account of the ten symmetry classes of disorder, two-dimensional disordered models, and superbosonization is given.
Quantum-based Electronic Devices and Systems

Author: Mitra Dutta

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9810237006

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 312

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This volume includes highlights of the theories and experimental findings that underlie essential phenomena occurring in quantum-based devices and systems as well as the principles of operation of selected novel quantum-based electronic devices and systems. A number of the emerging approaches to creating new types of quantum-based electronic devices and systems are also discussed.
Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science

Author: Alwyn Scott

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135455583

Category: Reference

Page: 1104

View: 604

In 438 alphabetically-arranged essays, this work provides a useful overview of the core mathematical background for nonlinear science, as well as its applications to key problems in ecology and biological systems, chemical reaction-diffusion problems, geophysics, economics, electrical and mechanical oscillations in engineering systems, lasers and nonlinear optics, fluid mechanics and turbulence, and condensed matter physics, among others.