Supervising Student Teachers

Author: Marvin A. Henry

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1607096102

Category: Education

Page: 427

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"Supervising Student Teachers is profesional yet practical and covers every imaginable circumstance from both the supervising and student teachers' roles. It is a practical and outstanding reference for beginning to veteran teachers."---Crystal Thompson, cooperating sixth-grade middle school teacher "When cooperating teachers and I have conferences,...the cooperating teachers often mention, `I just read about this in Supervising Student Teachers.' I love the professional dialogue this book creates among us. It makes a great collaborative tool between cooperating teacher and university supervisor."---Donna Brouillette, university supervisor for student teachers, Illinois State University "I have happily used this book in its several editions for years. One of my favorite illustrations is the chart showing student teachers' emotional stages. It helps the student teacher understand her emotional ups and downs and helps the cooperating teacher and university supervisor provide much-needed support."---Dwayne Olsen, professor emeritus of teacher education, University of Wisconsin-Parkside "Supervising Student Teachers leads future supervisors through the many phases of working with a student teacher, and the case studies provide pragmatic scenarios that allow students to think through challenging situations they may encounter in the classroom setting."---Bonnie J. White, distinguished professor of education, Auburn University "I highly endorse Supervising Student Teachers. I use it for a graduate level instructional supervision course for classroom teachers, and my students find it very useful, practical, and beneficial."---Ed Pultarak, coordinator, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; former president, Association of Teacher Educators "Supervising Student Teachers is a must-have for field directors. University supervisors and cooperating teachers benefit from the step-by-step observation analysis and instructions for supervision with worksheets."---Tammie Brown, interim director of the Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro
Supervising Student Teachers

Author: Alexander Cuenca

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789462090958

Category: Education

Page: 212

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The student teaching experience is often considered one of the most influential aspects of teacher preparation. Key in the success of student teaching is the university supervisor. During the student teaching experience, the university supervisor is mainly responsible for helping pre-service teachers relate university coursework with the situated experiences in schools. However, much like the various other spaces and places in teacher education, facilitating teacher learning is an incredibly complex endeavor. This edited volume addresses the complexities of supervising student teachers from three distinct vantage points. First, salient issues regarding the supervision of student teachers such as the preparation of novice supervisors, negotiating power in the student teaching triad, and the low status of clinical teacher education are examined. Second, different pedagogical frameworks for the work of supervision are provided such as care theory, teacher education for democracy, and social justice. Finally, future directions for field-based teacher education are discussed, such as a call to reconsider where supervision takes place, the necessity to develop a pedagogy of supervision, 21st century trends facing clinical teacher education, and the value added by university supervisors to teacher development. Each of these chapters engage the supervision of student teachers through a mix of research, theory, and personal stories from the field. As such, this edited volume is designed for new supervisors, veteran supervisors, and supervision scholars.
Advancing Supervision in Clinically Based Teacher Education

Author: Rebecca West Burns

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781648027208

Category: Education

Page: 231

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Supervision in teacher education is entering an exciting time. In the last decade, national reports calling for the transformation of teacher preparation have advocated for greater school-university collaboration and increased clinical preparation of teachers (AACTE, 2018; NCATE, 2010). Thus, institutions with teacher preparation should be increasingly concerned with the clinical component of their teacher certification programs (AACTE, 2010; 2018; NCATE, 2001; NEA, 2014). However, supervision in teacher preparation has historically been held in low regard, (Beck & Kosnik, 2002; Feiman-Nemser, 2001; The Holmes Group, 1986; Hoover, O’Shea, & Carroll, 1988; Soder & Sirotnik, 1990) even though research has shown that high-quality supervision promotes teacher candidate learning (Bates, Drits, & Ramirez, 2011; Burns, Jacobs, & Yendol-Hoppey, 2016; Darling-Hammond, 2014; Gimbert & Nolan, 2003; Lee, 2011). In fact, university supervisors “may be the most undervalued actors in the entire teacher preparation equation when one considers the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they must have to teach about teaching in the field” (Burns & Badiali, 2016, p. 156). Despite this research, the function of supervision has often been relegated to adjunct faculty or even removed the university-based supervisor altogether in some colleges/schools of education (McIntyre & McIntyre, 2020; NCATE, 2010; Slick, 1998; Zeichner, 1992, 2005). These practices are incredibly problematic for actualizing clinically based teacher education. Thus, the road to transforming teacher education must involve addressing such long standing misperceptions about what supervision is, what purpose it serves, and how it can be renewed from an afterthought to become the driving engine of high quality teacher preparation. Advancing Supervision in Clinically Based Teacher Education: Advances, Opportunities, and Explorations aims to elevate supervision and supervisors, as undervalued actors, by disseminating high-quality manuscripts on this critical area of study. The chapters in this book tackle the persistent issue of devaluing and marginalizing supervision in some institutions of higher education by sharing current research, illuminating challenges of supervising in the current high stakes accountability climate, and offering innovative ideas that can improve supervision in clinically based teacher education.