A Survey of the Bible

Author: Ronald F. Satta

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781606080689

Category: Religion

Page: 246

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Among books, the Bible is unique. Compiled over a time period spanning some 1600 years, it includes contributions from over forty different writers. Yet it has a unified message and a clear theme--redemption through sacrifice, and most especially redemption through the sacrifice of the Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One from God. This coherence across time and space is the product of a single, unseen author--the Holy Spirit. Using the personality and style of each of the different sacred penmen, the Spirit so guided their work as to produce documents that expressed the divine mind precisely. Thus the Scripture, in the original autographs, was entirely without error in everything to which it spoke whether pertaining to matters of faith or fact--right down to the very words. However, this amazing book--God's message to the human race--remains rather mysterious and even inaccessible to many Christians. I hope that these summaries will help interested students of the Bible acquire a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the sixty-six canonical books of sacred Scripture, making their own Bible study more productive and meaningful.
Jensen's Bible Study Charts

Author: Irving L. Jensen

Publisher: eEZRA

ISBN: 9780802442963

Category: Bible

Page: 300

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Jensen's Bible Study Charts, created by the renown author, Irving L. Jensen, is finally available again. Well known for his inductive Bible study method, Irving Jensen had put together 153 charts in this 300 page volume to help Bible students and teachers conduct effective Bible studies. In addition to survey charts on all the books of the Bible, Jensen's Bible Study Charts also includes 68 additional charts, and all of the charts in the book are accompanied by explanatory notes. Jensen's Bible Study Charts includes: 43 Old Testament Book Survey Charts 42 New Testament Book Survey charts 24 Old Testament Related Charts 22 New Testament Related Charts 12 Prophecy Charts 10 General Charts This volume is ideal for classroom use or individual Bible study. Charts may be copied on transparencies for use on overhead projectors. Filled with valuable information, this Bible study tool will make your learning so much more effective. If you are a serious student of the Bible, this volume is a must-have for your personal library.
Bible Survey

Author: James E. Smith, Ph.D.

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781387237401

Category: Religion

Page: 398

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A survey of the Bible book-by-book designed to give the beginning student an overview of the contents of the best selling book in the world.
Survey of the Bible

Author: William Hendriksen

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 080105415X

Category: Religion

Page: 0

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A handbook-type overview, covering the general history of each individual book. Features include outlines, themes, interpretation tips, helpful charts, timelines, and diagrams.
Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods

Author: Rick Warren

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310565956

Category: Religion

Page: 274

View: 381

Demonstrates twelve different methods for reading the Bible that will not only help you understand its words more fully but will also nudge you toward applying those words to your life more faithfully. "The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to make us like the Son of God." —Rick Warren. You were created to become like Christ. This is one of the five God-ordained purposes for your life that Warren describes in his bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life. And this is why studying the Bible is so important. The Bible's truths have the power to shape you, transform you, align you with the character and ways of Jesus Christ as you encounter him in the gospels and throughout all of Scripture. Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods is an easy-to-understand guide through twelve effective reading methods that allow Scripture to do just that. Simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the how-tos of the following methods: Devotional Chapter Summary Character Quality Thematic Biographical Topical Word Study Book Background Book Survey Chapter Analysis Book Synthesis Verse Analysis The organization of this book allows you to explore each method or jump around to find the ones best suited to your reading and learning style as well as your spiritual growth. Thousands of individuals, small groups, churches, and seminary classes have used this practical manual to unlock the wonderful truths of Scripture. You can too. Written by America's pastor, Rick Warren, Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods will help you develop a customized approach to studying, understanding, and applying the Bible.
Student Study Guide, Old Testament Bible Survey Course

Author: Bob O. Johnson

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781615798186

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 353

STUDENT STUDY GUIDE begins with the student answering ten basic questions concerning the Old Testament. What is the Old Testament? Who wrote the Old Testament? Where, When, Why and How was the Old Testament written? What are three major features of the Old Testament: Revelation, Inspiration and Preservation? How should we study the Old Testament? Why should you memorize verses of the Old Testament? When should one read the Old Testament? BIBLE MEMORY VERSES (97 memorized accumulatively) aid the student to say with the Psalmist "Thy word have I hidden in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." This STUDENT STUDY GUIDE closes with an incomplete outline for each of the 39 books of the Old Testament. Each outline has space for personal notes, classroom instruction plus THE BASICS: Author, Date of Writing, Name Meaning, Passages for Particular Emphasis, Verses for Memory, Characters of Interest and Content Description. Following high school, a Bachelor of Science degree was received from Piedmont College, Demorest, GA plus a Georgia Teacher's Professional Certificate. Then came the Army Security Agency and three years later came employment with the National Security Agency, Washington, DC. Meeting Edith Campen from North Carolina led to marriage, February 1, 1957. A year after marriage, God called me to the ministry. Graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, TX with a Bachelor of Divinity (updated to Masters of Divinity) and Masters in Religious Education (updated to Masters of Arts), God directed me to serve Him. For some 50 years, it was a pleasure to serve God and people in churches and classrooms as Minister of Youth, Minister of Education, Minister of Education/Administration, and Minister of Pastoral Care. It was a joy to teach this Old Testament Bible Survey Course to ninth grade students at Cypress Community Christian School, Houston, TX.`
A Survey of the Old Testament

Author: Andrew E. Hill

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310590668

Category: Religion

Page: 801

View: 323

An indispensable guide for exploring the literary, historical, and theological issues behind the Old Testament. The purpose of studying the Old Testament is to understand God and his redemptive work more fully. However, this goal is complicated by the fact that it was transmitted through a very different language and culture from our own. A Survey of the Old Testament addresses background information, purpose, message, structure, and major themes of the Old Testament to help readers understand its message and relevance. Chapters introducing each major section of the Old Testament are included, as are chapters dealing with issues of interpretation, hermeneutics, theology, geography, archaeology, history, formation of the Old Testament canon, and the Old Testament's relationship to the New Testament. Features included for each book of the Old Testament: Writing of the Book Background Outline of the Book Purpose and Message Structure and Organization Major Themes Questions for Further Study and Discussion Further Reading Complete with full-color maps, photos, timelines, and charts, this widely acclaimed textbook is a useful and readable tool for undergraduate students and other readers who wish to better understand the Old Testament and God's redemptive work.
Old Testament Survey

Author: Paul R. House

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433669002

Category: Religion

Page: 368

View: 511

This second edition of the widely used and highly praised Old Testament Survey revises the original edition and greatly expands its attention to historical and geographical topics. These are combined with the first edition’s focus on literature and narrative, and an increased amount of improved maps are also included. In all, the book charts every major element that unifies the Old Testament, making it an excellent companion for Bible reading. Any student desiring a thorough and time-tested overview of the Bible’s first half will find it in this updated edition of Old Testament Survey.
Bible Literacy Report


Publisher: BLP Publishing

ISBN: 0977030229

Category: Bible

Page: 64

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Summaries of two research projects. The first is a survey of what English teachers believe their student know about the Bible; the second is an analyis of a survey of what American teens know about the Bible.
A Brief Survey of the Bible Study Guide with DVD

Author: John H. Walton

Publisher: Harperchristian Resources

ISBN: 0310897521

Category: Religion

Page: 0

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The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and over the centuries it has changed people's lives and led them to God. Yet sometimes it can be a difficult book to understand. The culture in which the Bible was written is so different from our own that at times we struggle to understand what it means or how it is relevant to our modern lives. In A Brief Survey of the Bible, Bible professors John Walton and Mark Strauss give you the background you need to successfully understand even the difficult parts of the Word of God. They provide an overview of the Bible's key themes, show what the teachings meant to the people at the time, and explain how those teachings apply to your life today. By the end, you will have a greater understanding of Scripture, know how all the books work together, and understand what God has done to make a way for you to come to him. Sessions include: Introduction (19:30) Genesis--Exodus (20:00) Leviticus--Deuteronomy (17:30) Joshua--1 Samuel (20:30) 2 Samuel--2 Kings (19:00) 1 Chronicles--Nehemiah (18:00) Esther--Psalm 90 (20:00) Psalm 91--Song of Songs (20:30) Isaiah--Lamentations (20:30) Ezekiel--Malachi (20:00) Matthew (19:30) Mark--Acts 8 (24:00) Acts 9--Philemon (21:00) Hebrews--Revelation (24:00) This pack contains one study guide and one DVD.
How to Study the Bible

Author: Willis C. Newman

Publisher: Willis Newman

ISBN: 9781452824079


Page: 126

View: 268

This book covers the basic concepts concerning the interpretation of the Bible. The major sections covered include personal preparation steps, kinds of interpretation, procedures for interpretation, rules of interpretation, types of biblical literature, special forms of literature, and personal application of Bible truths. There is an introduction to many Bible study tools. There is an emphasis on the literal method, which means to interpret the Bible in a plain, literal, straightforward manner using the normal rules of literature interpretation.
The Bible in American Life

Author: Philip Goff

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190468941

Category: Religion

Page: 520

View: 568

There is a paradox in American Christianity. According to Gallup, nearly eight in ten Americans regard the Bible as either the literal word of God or inspired by God. At the same time, surveys have revealed gaps in these same Americans' biblical literacy. These discrepancies reveal the complex relationship between American Christians and Holy Writ, a subject that is widely acknowledged but rarely investigated. The Bible in American Life is a sustained, collaborative reflection on the ways Americans use the Bible in their personal lives. It also considers how other influences, including religious communities and the Internet, shape individuals' comprehension of scripture. Employing both quantitative methods (the General Social Survey and the National Congregations Study) and qualitative research (historical studies for context), The Bible in American Life provides an unprecedented perspective on the Bible's role outside of worship, in the lived religion of a broad cross-section of Americans both now and in the past. The Bible has been central to Christian practice, and has functioned as a cultural touchstone From the broadest scale imaginable, national survey data about all Americans, down to the smallest details, such as the portrayal of Noah and his ark in children's Bibles, this book offers insight and illumination from scholars across the intellectual spectrum. It will be useful and informative for scholars seeking to understand changes in American Christianity as well as clergy seeking more effective ways to preach and teach about scripture in a changing environment.