The Tao of Health, Longevity, and Immortality


Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781570627255

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Here is a classic Chinese text on the Taoist arts of longevity and immortality. The text dates from the Five Dynasties (907–960 C. E.) and is attributed to Chungli Ch'uan and Lü Tung-pin—two of the most popular figures of Taoism and Chinese culture. This text focuses on Taoist inner alchemy, a theory and method for transforming the mind from within by using practices such as breath control, calisthenics, meditation practices, and sexual alchemy (the method of gathering energy from a sexual partner). The teachings address the following topics: • The nature of immortality and how it can be attained by realizing the laws of the Tao within us • The art of health • The art of longevity • How to deal with obstacles and recognize spiritual progress The Art of Health, Longevity, and Immortality will be of interest to both beginning students of Taoism and scholars. Wong's introduction includes a concise overview of the evolution of Taoist longevity practices as well as an elucidating section for readers who are unfamiliar with the teachings and practices of Taoist inner alchemy. She also includes a list of helpful hints for reading and understanding each section of the text.
The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic

Author: Stuart Alve Olson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594775758

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The first English translation with commentary of three classic Taoist texts on immortality • Translates The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic, The Immortals, and The Three Treasures of Immortality • Defines the Taoist concept of immortality and examines the lives and practices of Taoists who achieved this state • Reveals the steps needed to achieve immortality in our modern society Taoist mystics claim that it is possible to achieve immortality: “Within each of us dwells the medicine to cure the affliction of mortality.” Now Western readers can access the wisdom of Taoist masters on the subject of immortality through the first English translations of three classic Taoist treatises: The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic; The Immortals, from the Pao P’u Tzu by Ko Hung of the Sung Dynasty; and The Three Treasures of Immortality, from the Dragon Gate Sect. The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic teaches that one can attain immortality through the cultivation of the three treasures of Taoism: ching (sexual and physical energy), qi (breath and vital energy), and shen (spirit and mental energy). Chinese history is sprinkled with accounts of individuals who applied the lessons of the Jade Emperor and lived up to 200 years. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Taoism, martial arts, and Chinese history and culture, Stuart Alve Olson accompanies his translations with informative commentary that explains the historical context of the texts as well as demonstrates the practical applications of their teachings in contemporary life.
Nourishing the Essence of Life

Author: Eva Wong

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834826488

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The teachings of Taoism, China's great wisdom tradition, apply to every aspect of life, from the physical to the spiritual—and include instruction on everything from lifestyle (a life of simplicity and moderation is best) to the work of inner alchemy that is said to lead to longevity and immortality. Here, Eva Wong presents and explains three classic texts on understanding the Tao in the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of the body that provide an excellent overview of the three traditional levels of the Taoist teachings—Outer, Inner, and Secret. The Outer teachings are concerned with understanding the Tao as manifested in nature and society. They are easily accessible to the layperson and consist of the Taoist philosophy of nature and humanity, advice on daily living, and a brief introduction to the beginning stages of Taoist meditation. The Inner teachings familiarize the practitioner with the energetic structure of the human body and introduce methods of stilling the mind and cultivating internal energy for health and longevity. The Secret teachings describe the highest level of internal-alchemical transformations within the body and mind for attaining immortality.
Chi Kung for Beginners

Author: Scott Shaw

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738704199

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There’s a vibrant source of energy that fuels the universe, and it’s available for you to use to meet any physical or mental challenge. That energy is chi, and you can harness its power through the exacting yet simple methods of breath control and movement known as Chi Kung. Stop feeling rundown and spiritless. Through conscious interaction with this universal energy, you can revitalize your immune system and store up reserves of strength. Chi Kung for Beginners takes you progressively through the exercises: the preparatory stages; meridian-clearing techniques; mediation techniques; body movements; and advanced techniques of focusing, storing, redirecting, and extending chi from your body.
Li Qingyun

Author: Stuart Alve Olson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1537223208

Category: Health

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This book provides a succinct organization of materials and advice Li Qingyun provided on the subject for attaining health and longevity. Stuart Alve Olson's The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man, Li Qingyun is a large book covering many aspects of Li's teachings and life, and since it is a direct translation of Yang Sen's Chinese edition, it can be more challenging to navigate the teachings. Stuart's purpose in translating The Immortal was to present that work as Yang Sen intended, and he didn't provide any personal in-depth commentary and instructions to clarify the teachings. This book then fills in the gaps regarding Li Qingyun's advice and instructions for attaining health and longevity. The first chapter, The Fundamentals of Longevity, starts out with basic, but unique, regimes on acquiring longevity. The second chapter, Foods and Herbs for Longevity, covers more clearly the herbs Li Qingyun and Yang Sen recommended for improving health and life span. The third chapter, Sex and Longevity, explains what Li Qingyun meant by the sexual practices of Refining the Rosy Clouds. The fourth chapter, The Eight Diagrams Elemental Exercises, more popularly called Eight Brocades, includes a detailed look at these exercises. The fifth chapter, Embryonic Breathing and Longevity, delves into Li's teachings on Opening the Three Passes and Embryonic Breathing Qigong methods named after the two primary images from the Book of Changes (Yi Jing)-Qian (Creativity of Heaven) and Kun (Receptivity of Earth). The sixth chapter, The Six Qi, is about the practice of the Six Healing Sounds used for both the cure and prevention of illness and disease, and as a meditation practice. The seventh chapter, Calming the Mind, is about regulating the mind and calming the spirit, the very roots of maintaining good health and acquiring longevity. These seven chapters provide a clear path for improving health and attaining longevity. You may not incorporate all of them into your daily practice, but you'll find numerous little regimes and insights that can prove most useful in your daily life. The intention of this book is not to convince you to take on all the practices, even though that would be quite effective, but to select those elements you find useful and appropriate to your life and schedule.
Tao II

Author: Zhi Gang Sha

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439198667

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Millions of people are searching for secrets,wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to heal, rejuvenate, prolong life, and move toward immortality. The way to accomplish all of these is to reach and meld with Tao. This book, the successor to Tao I: The Way of All Life, reveals the highest secrets and most powerful practical techniques for the Tao journey, which includes one’s physical healing and rejuvenation journey and one’s entire spiritual journey. Its essence can be summarized in one sentence: Jin Dan Da Tao Xiu Lian is the way to heal, rejuvenate, prolong life, and move in the direction of immortality. Shou Yi Yan Jin Ye is the most important daily practice for reaching Tao. “Shou yi” means focus on the Jin Dan area below the navel. “Yan jin ye” means swallow Heaven’s sacred liquid and Mother Earth’s sacred liquid. Tao II: The Way of Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality explains the significance of this highest secret and exactly how to do it. It gives you the sacred key for your whole life’s practice and shares two hundred and twenty sacred phrases that include not only profound sacred wisdom but also additional simple and practical techniques. Practice. Practice. Practice. Reach fan lao huan tong, which is to transform old age to the health and purity of the baby state. Prolong life. The final goal is to reach immortality to be a better servant for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes.
Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity

Author: Denise Liotta Dennis

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738750989

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Improve your wellness, extend your longevity, and secure a healthy environment with the ancient power and wisdom of Classical Feng Shui. This comprehensive guide reveals ancient and modern techniques for lasting health and beauty that both beginners and advanced students can use. Providing step-by-step instruction, Feng Shui Master Denise Liotta Dennis teaches you: The two most popular Classical Feng Shui systems: Flying Stars and Eight Mansions Feng Shui's Taoist roots and a variety of health modalities from ancient and modern times Profound secrets of the "Heavenly Doctor" position and its importance in enhancing health Ways to protect your body and mind from detrimental formations, devices, and environments With well-researched information, period charts, astoundingly accurate health predictions, and much more, Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity will help you be happier and healthier. Praise: "Denise Liotta Dennis has done a great job of clearly expressing [the application of feng shui to health], going into great detail."—Grand Master Dr. Stephen Skinner
Tao Classic of Longevity and Immortality

Author: Zhi Gang Sha

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 9781946885586

Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

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We all want long, healthy, happy, and productive lives. What are the spiritual principles and ancient wisdoms needed to achieve this? A Tao Grandmaster distills the essential knowledge from thousands of years of sages and introduces powerful new insights and accessible practices to help you achieve longevity and even move in the direction of immortality, while never losing sight of the true purpose of our existence. How can longevity be best attained? Is immortality possible? What is the true reason we should want longevity, and even to strive for immortality? How can we do it? The spiritual principles and practical techniques from thousands of years of ancient wisdom, together with powerful new insights and a "how to" practice that will actually yield results, are distilled into this book. Very few will actually attain immortality, but in following the principles and practices in this book, every aspect of life will benefit.
Holding Yin, Embracing Yang


Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834824317

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In Holding Yin, Embracing Yang, Eva Wong presents translations of three key texts containing the highest teachings of the Eastern and Western schools of Taoist internal alchemy—the discipline of cultivating health, longevity, and immortality by transforming the energetic structures of body and mind. The texts are primarily concerned with meditation, breathing practices, and sexual yoga with a partner—all as means for developing within ourselves the same life-giving energy that sustains and nourishes the universe. The texts in this collection offer a clear view of the physical, mental, and spiritual methods of Taoist practice, showing why they are important and how these methods all can work together in the cultivation of mental peace, radiant health, and longevity. This collection will provide inspiration and the essential foundation necessary to begin Taoist practice under the guidance of a teacher. The three classics translated here are: Treatise on the Mysterious Orifice by Xuanweilun (sixteenth century), Discussion on the Cavity of the Tao by Daojiaotan (nineteenth century), and Secret Teachings on the Three Wheels by Sanjubizhi (nineteenth century). Included is an introduction in which Wong discusses the various schools of internal alchemy, as well as their main practices.
The Tao of Immortality

Author: Mantak Chia

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620556535

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

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A comprehensive guide to the core practices of the Universal Healing Tao System and the advanced esoteric practices of Inner Alchemy • Explains each of the nine levels of Inner Alchemy and their more than 240 formulas • Explores the Four Healing Arts for transformation of the emotional body, physical body, energy body, and spiritual body • Provides simplified versions of core Universal Healing Tao practices to more easily integrate the system into your daily life • Shows how these exercises were designed to increase longevity and ensure the survival of consciousness beyond death Explaining the evolution and core of the Universal Healing Tao system, Master Mantak Chia and William U. Wei offer a condensed approach to the Inner Alchemy practices taught to Master Chia by his first Taoist Master, Yi Eng, more than 60 years ago. Beginning with the basic principles called the Five Enlightenments, the authors explain each of the nine levels of Inner Alchemy and their more than 240 formulas, including simplified versions of the Microcosmic Orbit, the Inner Smile, Sexual Alchemy exercises for men and women, Fusion of the Five Elements practices, Kan and Li Alchemy, the Sealing of the Five Senses, and Star and Galaxy Alchemy. They explore the Four Healing Arts that encompass the nine levels of Inner Alchemy--Living Tao practices for transformation of your emotional body, Chi Nei Tsang practices for transformation of the physical body, Cosmic Healing practices for transformation of the energy body, and Immortal Tao practices for transformation of the spiritual body--all aimed toward the survival of consciousness in a self-aware vessel. They also offer simplified versions of the other core practices, such as Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, and Wisdom Chi Kung, to help you easily integrate Inner Alchemy and Universal Healing Tao practices into your daily life. Providing a primer not only on the foundational practices of the Universal Healing Tao System but also a condensed guide to the esoteric practices of Inner Alchemy, Master Chia and William U. Wei show how these exercises were designed to increase longevity, providing you with enough time to master the more advanced spiritual techniques and ensure the survival of consciousness beyond death.
Perfect Health the Taoist Way

Author: Hua Sun

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 1481841203

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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Historical records show many Taoists achieved life spans of hundreds of years. Was it true and how did they do it? This book revealed the secrets of their practices where ordinary people can follow and achieve similar outcomes. Ten simple practices are presented for those who aim to reach the primary and intermediate level of perfect health and rejuvenation. Five practices which are called the Golden Five are provided for all who wish to achieve reverse aging, vitality, and longevity. For those who aspire to reach the ultimate goal beyond perfect health, this book will form a solid foundation for obtaining the youth fountain out of an ancient art that has lasted for over 5,000 years. Dr. Hua Sun explains his own 12 year journey along the Taoist path, which serves as an illustration of how the goals and milestones can be achieved on the way to reverse aging, rejuvenation and immortality.