Tattered Cover Book Store

Author: Mark A. Barnhouse

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439674116

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

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For more than five decades, the Tattered Cover has been Colorado's favorite source for books. Beginning with just 950 square feet, it has grown into a multistore operation and important cultural institution, the special place where people go for all things literary. It has been a forum for ideas, with hundreds of writers visiting each year to sign books and greet readers. It has proven itself a bastion of democracy, championing the First Amendment and readers' rights to privacy. Join Denver historian and onetime Tattered Cover employee Mark A. Barnhouse as he celebrates the store's first fifty years and tells stories from the thousands of author events it has hosted over the decades.
Insiders' Guide® to Denver, 9th

Author: Linda Castrone

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762756261

Category: Travel

Page: 259

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From famous “Rocky Mountain Cuisine” and a diverse shopping scene to walking tours, golfing, and snowboarding, this authoritative guide helps you enjoy everything the greater Denver area has to offer.
The Art of the Bookstore

Author: Gibbs M. Smith

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423612841

Category: Art

Page: 153

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The unique lives of bookstores across America are captured in words and original oil paintings in this loving tribute to booksellers and bibliophiles. For decades, publisher Gibbs M. Smith visited bookstores across the United States. Inspired by the unique personality and ambiance of these community cultural hubs, he made oil paintings of these bookstores to feature on the covers of his publishing company’s catalogue each season. The Art of the Bookstore collects sixty-eight of these paintings, pairing them with quotes, essays and remembrances about bookselling—a pursuit that is often more art than science—from Smith as well as other industry veterans. This volume captures the unique atmosphere of iconic bookshops including New York City’s Strand Bookstore, Washington, D.C.’s Politics & Prose, and L.A.’s Book Soup.
Successful Black Entrepreneurs

Author: Steven S. Rogers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119806738

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 359

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Learn about the successes of Black entrepreneurs through a collection of unique case studies Successful Black Entrepreneurs is an insightful collection of Harvard Business School case studies about Black entrepreneurs succeeding in a variety of industries and through different routes, including start-ups, franchising, and acquisitions. The book also recognizes and celebrates Black entrepreneurial excellence, as it takes the reader through the stages of entrepreneurship, including ideation, raising capital, growing the company, and taking it public. In addition to identifying the positive aspects of Black entrepreneurship, the book also uses data, research, and anecdotes to highlight the challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs, including: An inability to access capital from traditional financial institutions like banks and private equity firms The requirement to practice “racial concealment” in the company of White customers in order to achieve success Perfect for students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established business leaders, Successful Black Entrepreneurs provides practical perspectives from Black entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed in business.
On Great Service

Author: Leonard L. Berry

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439105269

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 292

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Improving service quality has finally become a top priority of management today, yet according to service quality expert Leonard Berry only a handful of companies have managed to determine exactly what to improve and how to improve it. For the past two years, Berry studied dozens of companies of all sizes renowned for their capacity to deliver what they promise and more. From his on-site observation of the strategies and practices of such companies as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tattered Cover Book Store, Longo Toyota & Lexus, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, and Hard Rock Cafe, Berry has constructed a dynamic new framework for improving service. This framework provides a roadmap for implementation found nowhere else in the service quality literature. In every chapter Berry draws on his twelve years of research in service quality to explain each part of the framework in detail. He provides rich insights and inspiring examples of great service -- including numerous examples unique to this book as well as the classic success stories of USAA, Taco Bell, and many more. Berry shows that a company must (1) develop service leadership skills and values -- a concept substantially different from developing general leadership; (2) build a service quality information system; and (3) create a comprehensive service strategy based on the four principles of great service: reliability, surprise, recovery, and fairness. He demonstrates how these four principles, when adopted by the leadership and infused into the systems of a service company, are the building blocks of the framework and form the anchor for implementation. Berry shows how the "artistry" of great service can be systematically created from this foundation through a company's organizational structure, technology, and often under utilized human resources assets. He challenges service managers to set their service quality aspirations higher, and his innovative, practical ideas will help them achieve those higher standards. Linking service excellence to value creation, Berry provides solid financial reasons for the necessity of great service. Here, at last, is the book for which managers in every service industry have waited: Leonard Berry's "operating manual" for turning plans for great service into action.
Denver Travel Guide

Author: HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert

ISBN: 9781647587086

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 129

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Denver is a city of incredible growth that beckons to the masses from all walks of life. From artists to outdoor enthusiasts, professionals in finance to those who live for finding their next creative outlet, this mountainside city calls out in a dramatic fashion and it’s hard for many to resist. A soaring population has led to a booming job market, drastic changes in housing options and an overwhelming sense that with urban sprawl has arrived endless possibilities. So, what exactly is it that makes Denver so irresistible? Whether you’re considering a quick trip through the city for fun or scouting for a future place to call home, Denver is made up of an ever-growing list of fantastic restaurants, shopping hubs, sporting events and cultural activities that make it one of the most unique places on the map. With a city-scape that is altering itself every day, it’s worth your time to capture the heart of Denver today because tomorrow is destined to bring along something entirely new. When you travel to Denver, you join up with those who are in pursuit of the best art, music and outdoor excursions the state has to offer. From exciting ski trips beyond the Front Range to a day indulging in modern art downtown, Denver is built on diverse passions and has no intention of slowing down when it comes to capitalizing on creativity. It is a city where contrast is celebrated and proudly protected. As new homes, apartments and condominiums hit the market at a breathtaking pace, local organizations work equally hard at preserving those historic homes that make Denver unique. With groups of people committed to making progress while honoring the past, Denver is a place where you can witness the evolution of a city within the context of its very own history. This insider’s guide to Denver gives you the framework for beginning your own travels through the Mile High City. Elevated, eccentric and equally progressive, Denver delivers big on potential while keeping its alluring roots firmly planted in the natural world. About the Expert Caitlyn Knuth is a lifelong writer who was inspired to put a pen to paper as a child long before spelling skills were acquired. Constantly captivated by the pictures words have the power to paint and the owner of a spirit that is always ready for the next travel adventure, she’s found her muse alive and well through the process of exploring new cities and sharing what she’s found with the world. After accepting a job in Denver several years ago, she made it her mission to learn as much about this very new, exciting and eccentric city as possible in an effort to somehow make it home a bit more quickly. With a plan in place to try something new every weekend, it didn’t take long to become captivated with all there was to see and do in the Mile High City. Before long, she had acquired a list of incredible stops to try and sights to see that made up a collection of stories begging to be told. Armed with this wealth of new information, a passion for adventure and a never-ending list of must-try places to pass onto others, she decided to put together a comprehensive guide to the version of Denver she has learned to love. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
Information Privacy Law

Author: Daniel J. Solove

Publisher: Aspen Publishing

ISBN: 9781543813722

Category: Law

Page: 1344

View: 253

The Seventh Edition of Information Privacy Law has been revised to include the California Consumer Privacy Act, the GDPR, Carpenter, state biometric data laws, and many other new developments. A clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge introduction to the field of information privacy law, Information Privacy Law contains the latest cases and materials exploring issues of emerging technology and information privacy, and the extensive background information and authorial guidance provide clear and concise introductions to various areas of law. New to the Seventh Edition: Additional Coverage or updates to: California Consumer Privacy Act Carpenter v. United States General Data Protection Regulation State biometric data laws New FTC enforcement actions, including Facebook Professors and students will benefit from: Extensive coverage of FTC privacy enforcement, HIPAA and HHS enforcement, standing in privacy lawsuits, among other topics. Chapters devoted exclusively to data security, national security, employment privacy, and education privacy. Sections on government surveillance and freedom to explore ideas. Extensive coverage of the NSA and the Snowden revelations and the ensuing regulation. Engaging approach to complicated laws and regulations such as HIPAA, FCRA, ECPA, GDPR, and CCPA.
Privacy and the Media

Author: Daniel J. Solove

Publisher: Aspen Publishing

ISBN: 9781543832570

Category: Law

Page: 288

View: 852

Developed from the casebook¿Information Privacy Law, this short paperback contains key cases and materials focusing on privacy issues¿related to the media. Topics covered include the privacy torts, free speech, First¿Amendment, paparazzi, defamation, online gossip and social network websites. New to the Fourth Edition: New cases and notes throughout, including the addition of a leading right of publicity case from California, De Havilland v. FX Networks, LLC. This book could be used in courses including: Media law Entertainment law Cyberlaw First Amendment / free speech Privacy law Information law Torts II Journalism
The Wrong Hands

Author: Ann Larabee

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190201173

Category: Political Science

Page: 261

View: 754

"A fascinating, timely, and often disturbing history of how underground do-it-yourself weapons manuals have influenced violent radicalism, and how the state has responded"--

Books & Mortar

Books & Mortar


Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423651192

Category: Travel

Page: 152

View: 363

A visual feast celebrating the alluring power of bookstores—68 paintings by illustrator Gibbs M. Smith. The local bookstore, a place of wonder, refuge, and rejuvenation for book lovers the world over. Books & Mortar is a celebration of these literary strongholds. Sixty-eight oil paintings capture these storefronts at a moment in time, and pair the artwork with quotations about the joy of reading, the importance of bookstores, and in many cases, anecdotes about the shops and owners themselves. A delightful gift for an avid reader, an inspiration for any bookstore owner, Books & Mortar is the perfect keepsake for anyone’s personal library. Gibbs M. Smith, founder of his eponymous book publishing company, started the business in 1969 with his wife, Catherine, in Santa Barbara, California. After three years, they moved the company to Layton, Utah. Gibbs served as president, committed to the daily operations of the business for forty-eight years, until his death in 2017. This book is a celebration of Gibbs' legacy, the local bookstores that he loved, and fifty years of Gibbs Smith as an independent publisher.