Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education

Author: Disha Nawani

Publisher: SAGE Publications Pvt. Limited

ISBN: 9351509265

Category: Education

Page: 0

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The book addresses the needs of student–teachers and teacher–educators by providing a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of teaching and learning resources (TLRs) in the Indian context. No educational effort or reform can be complete without recognising the importance of TLRs, their actual development and reflective use. This one-of-a-kind textbook, with contributions from an eclectic mix of academics, researchers and practitioners, deals with the development and effective application of TLRs to construct a meaningful learning environment for children. Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education addresses and fulfils a need repeatedly expressed by educators at different forums. Key Features • Helps to conceptualise and comprehend TLRs from pedagogic, child development and socio-political perspectives • Examines the reflective use of TLRs, remaining within the disciplinary framework of specific domain areas • Discusses issues related to preparing, analysing, producing and disseminating effective TLRs in functional settings • Provides necessary support for meaningful use of TLRs in the classroom to achieve desirable learning objectives
Educational Research and Innovation Beyond Textbooks Digital Learning Resources as Systemic Innovation in the Nordic Countries

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264067813


Page: 138

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This publication reviews and evaluates the process of systemic innovation in digital learning resources, assembling information on the knowledge bases and policy actors which impact each phase of this innovation process and the main factors which influence its success.
Learning Technologies for Transforming Large-Scale Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Author: Demetrios Sampson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030151300

Category: Education

Page: 314

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This volume provides a contemporary glance at the drastically expanding field of delivering large-scale education to unprecedented numbers of learners. It compiles papers presented at the CELDA (Cognition and Exploratory Learning in the Digital Age) conference, which has a goal of continuing to address these challenges and promote the effective use of new tools and technologies to support teaching, learning and assessment. Given the emerging global trend to exploit the potential of existing digital technologies to improve the teaching, learning and assessment experiences for all learners in real-life contexts, this topic is a unifying theme for this volume. The book showcases how emerging educational technologies and innovative practices have been used to address core global educational challenges. It provides state-of-the-art insights and case studies of exploiting innovative learning technologies, including Massive Open Online Courses and educational data analytics, to address key global challenges spanning from online Teacher Education to large-scale coding competence development. This volume will be of interest to academics and professional practitioners working in the area of digital technology integration in teaching, learning and assessment, as well as those interested in specific conference themes (e.g., designing and assessing learning in online environments, assessing learning in complex domains) and presenters, invited speakers, and participants of the CELDA conference.
Building Teacher Quality in India

Author: Alexander W. Wiseman

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781800719033

Category: Education

Page: 312

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India has one of the largest student populations in the world; the quality of teaching is blamed for the poor performance by Indian students on internationally-comparative assessments. By analyzing various measures of teacher quality, this book provides a framework for policymakers to further improve teacher quality in India.
Education in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Author: Nadiya Ivanenko

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781623564339

Category: Education

Page: 360

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Education in Eastern Europe and Eurasia provides an essential reference resource to education development and key education issues in the region. Academics and researchers working closely in the field cover education and educational development in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Israel. Each chapter provides an overview of the development of education in the particular country, focusing on contemporary education policies and some of the problems these countries face in implementing educational reform. The book also covers the social and political issues which impact on the education system and schooling and governments' responses to recent local, regional and global events.
Child Rights in India

Author: Geeta Chopra

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9788132224464

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

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The book is a comprehensive compendium on child rights in India from a child development perspective. It discusses the challenges that Indian children face for survival, development and education, especially if they are marginalized through disability, lack of care, and poverty. The major issues expounded by the author in relation to rights are infant and child survival, early child development, street and working children, children in conflict with law, children with disabilities, child trafficking and child sexual abuse. The author goes further to delve into the causes, among which are high population, poverty, migration, illiteracy, poor legislation and deep-rooted social norms and behaviour. The book presents the existing policy and legal framework in India for each of these issues. The broad purpose of the book is to comprehensively discuss the roadblocks that the marginalized child in India faces, to understand the causes of these roadblocks and to evaluate government and civil society action for children in India.