Farming the City

Author: Erich Landsteiner

Publisher: StudienVerlag

ISBN: 9783706560573

Category: History

Page: 228

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THE RESILIENCE AND DECLINE OF URBAN AGRICULTURE IN EUROPEAN HISTORY Urban agriculture is a highly diversified and multi-layered phenomenon, and its roots are both very old and very recent. Throughout European history, it has appeared in different forms and guises. In some periods and regions, urban agriculture seemes to have declined at an early stage, whereas in others urban economies and societies remained firmly based on more or less specialized and commercialized agrarian production until the recent past. At the beginning of the 21st century, in an urban world characterized by globalizing food markets, social polarization, but also increasing food insecurity, it is again rapidly gaining importance. Citizens practice urban agriculture in a combined effort to diversify their food supplies, shorten the food chain and strengthen community life. In order to understand the organization, the resilience and failure of urban agriculture in different contexts, this volume aims to develop a comparative and long-term approach, with a particular focus on the actors involved in urban agriculture, their income strategies, and the social and economic configurations in which they operate. RESILIENZ UND NIEDERGANG DER STÄDTISCHEN LANDWIRTSCHAFT IN DER EUROPÄISCHEN GESCHICHTE Die urbane Landwirtschaft ist ein vielschichtiges Phänomen, dessen Wurzeln unterschiedlich weit in der europäischen Geschichte zurückreichen. In einigen Regionen schien die städtische Landwirtschaft in einem frühen Stadium nachzulassen, in anderen beruhte die städtische Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft bis in die jüngste Vergangenheit fest auf einer mehr oder weniger spezialisierten und kommerzialisierten Agrarproduktion. Zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts gewinnt sie in einer von globalisierten Lebensmittelmärkten, sozialer Polarisierung, aber auch zunehmender Ernährungsunsicherheit geprägten urbanen Welt wieder rasant an Bedeutung: StädterInnen betreiben Landwirtschaft in einem gemeinsamen Bemühen, ihre Lebensmittelversorgung zu diversifizieren, die Produktionsketten zu verkürzen und das Gemeinschaftsleben zu stärken. Um die Organisation, die Resilienz und das Scheitern der städtischen Landwirtschaft in verschiedenen Kontexten zu verstehen, zielt dieser Band darauf ab, einen vergleichenden und langfristigen Ansatz zu entwickeln. Dabei stehen die Akteure der städtischen Landwirtschaft, ihre Einkommensstrategien und die sozialen und ökonomischen Bedingungen, in denen sie arbeiten, im Mittelpunkt.
Linguistic Landscape in the City

Author: Elana Goldberg Shohamy

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847692979

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 383

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Elana Shohamy is a professor and chair of the language education program at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University, where she teaches, researches and writes about multiple issues relating to multilingualism: language policy, language testing and language in the public space. --
The City Of London Volume 4

Author: David Kynaston

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448112326

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 896

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The City of London. Vol IV: A Club No More is the fourth and final volume of David Kynaston's epic history of the square mile in the modern era. This lively and informative book takes the story from the post-war era, when the City was hemmed in by bombsites and austere Chancellors, through to very recent developments, such as the "Big-Bang" deregulation of 1986. This is as much a social history as a financial study, with interesting discussions of the changing class and complexion of the City, and with fascinating details on the early computerisation of the big companies. As with earlier volumes Kynaston's style is that of an anecdotal storyteller. Colourful characters, dramatic boardroom struggles and heated exchanges between politicians and bankers dominate the pages.
Evanston: A Tour Through the City's History

Author: Margery Blair Perkins


ISBN: 9780615771793

Category: History

Page: 219

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Local historian Margery Blair Perkins (1907-1981) provides a detailed narrative charting the growth and development of the North Shore city of Evanston, Illinois, a place boasting a rich and multi-layered history. Perkins brings the citys past to life through stories of its residents, architecture, and growth over the years. She charts the development of the city from its earliest days when it was known as the settlement of Grosse Pointe and later Ridgeville to its modern manifestation as a bustling city just outside of Chicago. Within a larger historical narrative, Perkins provides biographies of noted residents as she documents the evolution of the citys organizations, cultural life and institutions, such as Northwestern University.
Prayer in the City

Author: Patrick A. Desplat

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839419458

Category: Social Science

Page: 314

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This volume envisions social practices surrounding mosques, shrines and public spaces in urban contexts as a window on the diverse ways in which Muslims in different regional and historical settings imagine, experience, and inhabit places and spaces as »sacred«. Unlike most studies on Muslim communities, this volume focuses on cultural, material and sensuous practices and urban everyday experience. Drawing on a range of analytical perspectives, the contributions examine spatial practices in Muslim societies from an interdisciplinary perspective, an approach which has been widely neglected both in Islamic studies and social sciences.
Culture and the City

Author: Deborah Stevenson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317980841

Category: Travel

Page: 112

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This edited collection will examine the way in which cities are imagined, experienced and shaped by those who reside within them, those who manage or govern them, and those who, as visitor, tourist or traveller, pass through them. Attention will be paid to the influence that these various inhabitants have on city life and living and the dialectic that exists between their sometimes collective and sometimes divergent, perceptions and uses of city space. In conjunction with this, the collection will explore the ways in which local culture and cultural policy are used by public and private interests as the framework for changing the image and amenity of the city in order to raise its profile and attract tourists. The book contributes to discussions of the increasingly high profile place that cultural programs have in urban regeneration initiatives and explore the tensions, conflicts and negotiations that emerge in urban spaces as a result of policy and culture coming together. Papers will be sought from researchers around the world with a view to examining the nexus between tourism, leisure and cultural programming from a number of perspectives and with reference to a range of international case studies. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events.
Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels

Author: Christina Zanfagna

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520968790

Category: Music

Page: 218

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A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more. In the 1990s, Los Angeles was home to numerous radical social and environmental eruptions. In the face of several major earthquakes and floods, riots and economic insecurity, police brutality and mass incarceration, some young black Angelenos turned to holy hip hop—a movement merging Christianity and hip hop culture—to “save” themselves and the city. Converting street corners to open-air churches and gangsta rap beats into anthems of praise, holy hip hoppers used gospel rap to navigate complicated social and spiritual realities and to transform the Southland’s fractured terrains into musical Zions. Armed with beats, rhymes, and bibles, they journeyed through black Lutheran congregations, prison ministries, African churches, reggae dancehalls, hip hop clubs, Nation of Islam meetings, and Black Lives Matter marches. Zanfagna’s fascinating ethnography provides a contemporary and unique view of black LA, offering a much-needed perspective on how music and religion intertwine in people's everyday experiences.
Up, Down, and Around the City

Author: Christianne C. Jones

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781666326307

Category: Cities and towns

Page: 33

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"Zoom! The elevator zips from the bottom floor to the top floor of a tall building. Beep! Beep! The subway stops for people to get on and off. Using bright photographs and interactive, rhyming text, this picture book will help young readers discover position words while exploring the city"--