The Distant Shores

Author: Santa Montefiore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781398507708

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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From internationally bestselling author Santa Montefiore, whose books have sold more than six million copies worldwide, comes The Distant Shores, a new story in the sweeping Deverill saga, about a family torn apart and the woman who will bring them back together. Margot Hart travels to Ireland to write a biography of the famous Deverill family. She knows she must speak to the current Lord Deverill, JP, if she is to uncover the secrets of the past. A notorious recluse, JP won’t be an easy man to crack. But Margot is determined—and she is not a woman who is easily put off. What she never expected was to form a close bond with JP and be drawn into his family disputes. Shouldering the blame for running up debts that forced him to sell the family castle, JP is isolated and vulnerable. With help from his handsome son Colm, it seems as though Margot might be the only one who can restore JP’s fortunes. Will the family ever succeed in healing rifts that have been centuries in the making?
The Distant Shores of Freedom

Author: Subarno Chattarji

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9789389611939

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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The Distant Shores of Freedom analyses literary works in English written by Vietnamese refugees in the US. Fiction and memoirs by Vietnamese Americans recover stories and memories that are often different from mainstream American ones and that difference enables readers to think of the US war in Vietnam from perspectives that are missing in mainstream representations. Dwelling not only on the war and its aftermaths, Vietnamese American writings also ponder over the existential issues of exile; the idea of home; the pain of marginality and racism; the question of community formation within the US; and the complexity of diasporic lives. Subarno Chattarji raises critical questions such as who gets to speak and write, and to what ends and purposes? Who reads Vietnamese American writings and how can we account for these publications in the US over a period of time? What can and cannot be written or spoken? What is remembered and what is silenced? What traumas and memories are articulated? These questions point towards a larger context of diaspora studies as well as 'the rituals of cultural memory' that complicate our understanding of the Vietnam War and its aftermaths.
Dawn on a Distant Shore

Author: Sara Donati

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780307756541

Category: Fiction

Page: 672

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Sara Donati's debut novel, Into the Wilderness, was hailed as "epic in scope, emotionally enrapturing, grand adventure" (BookPage) and "a captivating saga...definitely the romance of the year when it comes to transcending genre boundaries" (Booklist). Author Diana Gabaldon called it "one of those rare stories that let you breathe the air of another time, and leave your footprints on the snow of a wild, strange place." Now, in her second novel, this award-winning master storyteller once again blends fact and fiction, and re-creates her beloved characters from Into the Wilderness in an eloquent, enthralling tale of romance and adventure. Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner have settled into their life together at the edge of the New-York wilderness in the winter of 1794 when Elizabeth gives birth to healthy twins. But soon the events in Canada draw Nathaniel far away from his new family. Word has reached them that Nathaniel's father has been arrested by crown officials in British Canada. Nathaniel reluctantly leaves Hidden Wolf Mountain to set out for the distant city, determined to see his father freed. Instead Nathaniel is imprisoned and finds himself in imminent danger of being hanged as an American spy. In a desperate bid to save her husband, Elizabeth bundles her infants and sets out on the long trek to Montreal. Accompanied by her stepdaughter, Hannah, their wise friend Curiosity Freeman, and Runs-from-Bears, a Mohawk warrior and lifelong friend of Nathaniel's, Elizabeth journeys through the snowy wilderness and across treacherous waterways. But she soon discovers that freeing Nathaniel will take every ounce of her courage and inventiveness. It is a struggle that threatens her with the loss of what she loves most: her children. Torn apart, the Bonners must embark on yet another perilous voyage...this time all the way across the ocean to the heart of Scotland, where a wealthy earl claims kinship with Nathaniel's father, Hawkeye. In his heart, the Mahican tribe of Hawkeye's youth is the truest kin he will ever know, just as Nathaniel will always remain loyal to the Mohawk nation. But with this journey a whole new world opens up to Nathaniel and Elizabeth--and a destiny they could never have imagined awaits them.... A sweeping epic of romance and adventure, Dawn on a Distant Shore establishes Sara Donati as one of today's most gifted storytellers. With well-drawn characters and an evocative love story that is intricately woven into the rich history of our nation's past, this extraordinary novel will enthrall readers like few others--and sweep them away to a whole other time and place. A sweeping epic of romance and adventure, Dawn on a Distant Shore establishes Sara Donati as one of today's most gifted storytellers. With well-drawn characters and an evocative love story that is intricately woven into the history of our nation's past, this extraordinary novel will enthrall readers like few others--and sweep them away to a whole other time and place. -->
A Distant Shore

Author: Caryl Phillips

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409042792

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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The English village is a place where people come to lick their wounds. Dorothy has walked away from a bad thirty-year marriage, an affair gone sour and a dangerous obsession. Between her visits to the doctor and the music lessons she gives to bored teenagers, she is trying to rebuild a life. It's not immediately clear why her neighbour, Solomon, is living in the village, but his African origin suggests a complex history that is at odds with his dull routine of washing the car and making short trips to the supermarket. Though all he has in common with the English is a shared language, it soon becomes clear that Solomon hopes that his new country will provide him with a safe haven. Gradually they establish a form of comfort in each other's presence that alleviates the isolation they both feel.
A Distant Shore

Author: John Houghton

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN: 0785282289

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

View: 448

After witnessing the fall of a brilliant emerald green object from the Rock, artist Ewan Jones braves the forbidding and dangerous heights to seek out the source
Letters from a Distant Shore

Author: Sarah Ann Breath

Publisher: Gorgias PressLlc

ISBN: UOM:39076002897291

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 72

View: 654

"In 1849, within days of her marriage to missionary printer Edward Breath, Sarah Ann Breath joined her husband on the Bark Ionia to begin a four month journey to Orromiah (modern Urumia), Persia. Her narrative, written in a highly descrptive flowing prose, describes the journey by sea, steamer and caravan to a Nestorian community in northwest Persia where the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions had established a press and a school."--Back cover.
A Dark and Distant Shore

Author: Reay Tannahill

Publisher: Harmondsworth, Middlesex : Penguin Books ; Markham, Ont. : Penguin Books Canada

ISBN: 0140067639

Category: Families

Page: 772

View: 446

"From the day she left in 1803, Vilia fought to repossess her birthright - whatever it cost. Reay Tannahill's full-blooded, sweeping story spans ninety years and myriad backdrops of the bustling, far-flung Victorian empire - at its heart the call of the mist-decked Scottish Highlands and the indomitable will of an unforgettable woman born long before her time." -back cover.