The Global Social Sciences

Author: Michael Kuhn

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9783838268934

Category: Social Science

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The European social sciences tend to absorb criticism of their approach and re-label it as a part of what the critique opposes; thus criticism of European social sciences by subaltern social sciences, their 'talking back,' has become a frequent line of reflection. The relabeling of the critique of the European approach as a critique from ‘Southern’ social sciences of ‘Western’ social sciences has in effect turned ‘Southern’ as well as ‘Western’ social sciences into competing contributors to the same ‘globalizing’ social sciences. Both are no longer arguing about the European approach to social sciences but about which social thought from which part of the globe should prevail. If the critique becomes a part of what it opposes, one might conclude that the European social sciences are very adaptable and capable of learning. One might, however, also raise the question whether there is anything wrong with the criticism of the European social sciences, or, for that matter, whether there is anything wrong with the European social sciences themselves. The contributions in this book discuss these questions from different angles: They revisit the mainstream critique of the European social sciences, and they suggest new arguments criticizing social science theories that may be found as often in the ‘Western’ as in the ‘Southern’ discourse.
World Social Science Report 1999

Author: Unesco

Publisher: Unesco

ISBN: 9231036025

Category: Družbene vede - Poročila

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Focus on the contributions that the social sciences have been able to make, singly or collectively, to understanding and to meeting some of the crucial problems of the world. The place of the social sciences on a world scale (historical trajectory; organization, financing and practise in different parts of the world; origin, processing, analysis and transmission of data) and an overview of how social science research relates to policy, politics, ethics and the media. Certain major issues facing the world and solutions the social sciences have been able to bring, social implications of the onrush of computer technology and the life sciences, what light can be cast by economics, political science and sociology on the stakes of development. By sharing a wealth of information and a variety of informed perspectives, the World Social Science Report provides a unique view of the present state and future potential of the social sciences. Publie aussi en franais: Les sciences sociales dans le monde
Social Sciences and Innovation

Author: Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110691859

Category: Social change

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These workshop proceedings examine the contribution of the social sciences to improving our understanding of social and technological innovation processes, to overcoming barriers to innovation, and how innovation can improve social science.