The Hidden Cure

Author: Laurens Maas

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 9781604942026

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 332

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Sustenance in biblical times, raw and natural, was a diet in balance with nature and can be considered the original organic lifestyle. Today, our world is filled with biochemical agents, pathogens, and fungi that drastically impact our health. Nothing escapes environmental assaults. The Hidden Cure: The 5 Laws of Perfect Health gives you the knowledge to combat today's ecological hazards. Laurens Maas explains how fungi cause many of our ailments. In this solution-based handbook, he outlines a clinically proven easy-to-follow plan to reduce the fungal and toxic load in your diet and reboot your nervous systems as a means to holistic recovery. The 5 Laws, which help reverse and eliminate the adverse effects of global fungal pollution, include reducing sugar and carbohydrates, eating proteins according to your blood type, eating fats according to your metabolism, eating vegetables that influence your body's biochemical speed, and correcting your body's electromagnetic frequencies. With case studies, a seven day eating plan, and helpful recipes included, The Hidden Cure: The 5 Laws of Perfect Health will help your body promote a powerful immune system, rebalance your internal environment, and lead you to optimal health. Simply put, The 5 Laws are about the five molecules of health: sugars, proteins, fats, minerals, and electricity. It is the balance of these five molecules that exist within us all that determines the overall health of the individual. This book is a simple guide to teach you how to gain total control of your health for the better, now and for the rest of your lives. Mr. Laurens Maas is a registered osteopath and homeopath physician. About the Author Laurens Maas, BS Ost., Di. Hom., is an osteopathic and homeopathic physician with fifteen years of clinical experience. He has treated musculoskeletal and degenerative diseases through nutrition, supplements, and education. He advocates clean, organic living and has been a raja yoga disciple for more than twenty years. Laurens has a popular private practice and resides in Barbados with his wife and three children. Find out the true cause of most diseases "I highly recommend all who read this, whether they be a physician or a patient, to heed these words wisely and carefully. This book truly contains advice and wisdom that is kept from the average physician and patient, and worse, disdained by those who refuse to accept and understand it while in fact it contains the truths of the ages. If properly applied it can save the lives of physicians and patients alike."Excerpt from the foreword by Bruce Shelton, MD, MD(H), Di.Hom.FBIH 5 easy laws to achieve optimum health "I lost forty-two pounds in two and a half months. My past high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol are now at optimum ranges. My heart problems are gone and I am happier, fitter, and healthier. I have been given a second chance at life through my health and the knowledge I have gained. This man is a healer in the truest sense." Simon Coles, patient, Barbados. "Laurens Maas's program is fantastic! I have finally gotten to my ideal body weight and blood sugar levels, which seemed near impossible after years of trying. Laurens is clearly onto something of major importance."John LaValle, coauthor of Persuasion Engineering, patient, USA. "Very simply, Laurens Maas saved my life." Bob Kiss, patient, Barbados.



Author: James L Mackin

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9798353258032


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This book may aid you and your healthcare practitioner in making decisions about your future actions if you are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It could help you maintain your health while receiving chemotherapy or radiation if you're currently receiving traditional treatment. It will broaden your views and motivate you with real-life examples of effective recovery if you work in the medical field and want to learn everything you can to aid your patients. It will also open your eyes if you just wish to view cancer in a fresh way. More people than you would imagine are affected by cancer. One in three women and one in two men who are living today will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, according to the World Health Organization. Beyond chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, there are several techniques we may use to cure and prevent cancer; we just aren't aware of them. The Truth about Cancer explores the evolution of medicine, going all the way back to Hippocrates's maxim of "do no harm," as well as cutting-edge studies demonstrating the effectiveness of several non-conventional cancer treatments that are benefiting people all around the world. You'll learn about cancer politics, the truth and misconceptions surrounding its origins (a family history is only one factor), and the variety of methods used to detect and cure it. even if you don't have cancer, you can recommend or get this book for any close one suffering from cancer. Let's fight this together.
Successful Farming



ISBN: UOM:39015080024972

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Includes various special sections or issues annually: 1968- Harvesting issue (usually no. 7 or 8); 1968- Crop planning issue (usually no. 12; title varies slightly); Machinery management issue (usually no. 2); 1970- Crop planting issue (usually no. 4; title varies slightly).
Clear Thinking with Psychology

Author: John Ruscio

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: UVA:X004554751

Category: Psychology

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Do your students have the tools to distinguish between the true science of human thought and behavior, and pop psychology? Ruscio's new book provides a tangible and compelling framework for making that distinction. Because we are inundated with "scientific" claims, the author does not merely differentiate science and pseudoscience, but goes further to teach the fundamentals of scientific reasoning on which students can base their evaluation of information.