The Monster

The Monster

Author: Edgar Saltus




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Example in this ebook Chapter I When the clergyman had gone, the bride turned. Before her was an open window before which was the open sea. In the air was a tropical languor, a savour of brine, the scent of lilies, the sound of mandolins that are far away. Below, in the garden, were masses of scarlet, high heaps of geranium blooms. A bit beyond was the Caprian blue of the San Diego Bay. There, a yacht rode, white and spacious. The yacht belonged to her husband who was beside her. She turned again and as passionately he embraced her; she coloured. For the moment, as they stood there, they seemed so sheerly dissimilar that they might have come of alien races, from different zones. He, with his fair hair, his fair skin, his resolute and aggressive face, was typically Anglo-Saxon. She, with her delicate features, her dense black hair, and disquieting eyes, looked like a Madrilene Madonna—one of those fascinating and slightly shocking creations of seventeenth-century art that more nearly resemble infantas serenaded by caballeros than queens of the sky. There was a deeper contrast. He appeared frankly material; she, all soul. Leisurely she freed herself. “One might know,” she began, then paused. A smile completed the sentence. He smiled too. “Yes, Leilah, one might know that however I hold you to me, I never can hold you enough.” “And I! I could be held by you forever.” On the door came a tap, rapid and assured. A page entered, the preoccupation of the tip in his face, in his hand a platter of letters. The man, taking the letters, dismissed him. “Miss Ogston,” he continued. “From your father, confound him. It is the last time he will address you in that fashion. Miss Ogston,” he repeated. “From the Silverstairs, I fancy. Gulian Verplank. There is but one for me.” He looked at his watch. “The launch from the yacht will be here shortly.” “When do we start?” “Whenever you like. The Marquesas will keep. Bora-Bora will be the same whenever we get there. Only——” “Only what?” “I am in love with you, not with hotels.” “Let us go then. There will be a moon to-night?” “A new one, a honeymoon, a honeymoon begun.” “Gulian! As if it could end!” In pronouncing the “u” in his name her mouth made the sketch of a kiss. “You would not wish it to?” he asked. “When I die, perhaps, and even then only to be continued hereafter. Heaven would not be heaven without you.” She spoke slowly, with little pauses, in a manner that differed from his own mode of speech, which was quick and forceful. Verplank turned to the letter that had been addressed to him, and which he still held. Without opening it, he tore it into long, thin strips. It was, he knew from the imprint, a communication of no importance; but, at the moment, the action seemed a reply to her remark. It served to indicate his complete indifference to everything and everyone save her only. Afterward, with a regret that was to be eternal, she wished he had done the same with hers. Yet, pleased at the time, she smiled. “Gulian, you do love me, but I wonder do you love me as absolutely as I love you?” Verplank, with a gesture that was familiar to him, closed and opened a hand. “I do not know. But while I think you cannot love me more wholly than I love you, I do know that to me you are the unique.” Leilah moved to where he stood. “Gulian, and you to me. You are the only one.” She moved closer. Raising her hands, she put them on his shoulders. “Tell me, shall you be long away?” “An hour or two. Apropos, would you care to leave before dinner?” “Yes.” “We will dine on board, then. Is there anything in particular you would like?” “Yes, lilies, plenty of lilies; and pineapples; and the sound of your voice.” Lifting her hands from his shoulders to his face, she drew it to her own. Their lips met longly. With the savour of her about him, Verplank passed out. To be continue in this ebook
The Monster in the Garden

Author: Luke Morgan

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812291872

Category: Architecture

Page: 255

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In The Monster in the Garden, Luke Morgan develops a new conceptual model of Renaissance landscape design, arguing that the monster was a key figure in Renaissance culture and that the incorporation of the monstrous into gardens was not incidental but an essential feature.
The Monster Maker

Author: Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479459223

Category: Fiction

Page: 23

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"Get Gunther," the official orders read. It was to laugh! For Click and Irish were marooned on the pirate's asteroid--their only weapons a single gun and a news-reel camera.
The Monster Pack

Author: Stacy Cox

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716327797

Category: Fiction


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A group of young misfits band together and form The Monster Pack, a group of vigilantes who unwittingly become neighborhood watchmen and fight crime. In 'The Wasteland', the Pack faces off against the ruthless drug lord, Mr. X., and his henchmen, and the legendary Grotesque and his minions in the Town of Serafin Falls.
Reading Planet - Beware of the Monster - Turquoise: Galaxy

Author: Gillian Phillip

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781510441262

Category: Education

Page: 20

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Alfie isn't very happy at the thought of his new baby brother coming home from hospital. What if he breaks his toys, eats all the food and is better at making spaceships than he is? Will Alfie change his mind when he meets the monster? Be a Monster is part of the Galaxy range from Rising Stars Reading Planet. Galaxy offers a rich collection of highly decodable fiction and non-fiction for Pink A to White band. Children will broaden their knowledge and widen vocabulary through a diverse range of books which are ideal for cross-curricular reading. Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and activities to support reading at home as well as comprehension questions to check understanding. Reading age: 6-7 years
Stuntmania (Blaze and the Monster Machines)

Author: Nickelodeon Publishing

Publisher: Nickelodeon

ISBN: 9781681072050

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 16

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Darington builds the ultimate stunt track, and Blaze can’t wait to see the show! But Crusher will do almost anything to take Darington’s place and become a star! Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will love this exciting storybook featuring their favorite friends from Nickelodeon’s Blaze and the Monster Machines. This Nickelodeon read-along contains audio narration.
Worry and Anxiety: How and Why To Overcome the monster As A Christian

Author: Archibong Emmanuel Etim

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716632488

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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Worry and anxiety; one of the trending monster in the world, jeopardizing the joyful and happy life of the people on daily basis, leaving them in a state of paleness and despondency of life as a shepherd in the hands of a weird animal, having nor to rescue him. So great is its influences in the life of the people that it has even left the enlighten ones in a state of confusion of how to tackle its plague in the life of the people so that they can be free a little bit from it. Howbeit, this monster of the world ought to have a place in the life of of the believers. This is because Christ has declared having power over all things, and has also promised and declared giving this power to all those who who believe and live for him on daily basis. But it is a sad thing that despite with this great promises and assurance made by the Lord to his believers this monster is still finding its way into the life of many of them, jeopardizing the good plan of God for them to have a life full of joy and happiness. As a result of this, this book has been designed to enlighten the believers on how and why they should overcome the monster in their life. In this book you shall be discovering the different reasons that should caused you to live an unworried life as a Christian,and the various ways you can take to overcome the monster in your life. It is one great book I encourage you to have as a Christian if you really want to enjoy the abundant life Christ left heaven to the earth to give you.
Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate - Strategy Guide


Publisher: Gamer Guides

ISBN: 9781630418571

Category: Games


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En route to Val Habar, what begins as a bumpy ride in the great desert quickly descends into the fight of your rookie hunter's life, as a dangerous Elder Dragon appears out of nowhere, threatening to level your ride and the town ahead. After somehow surviving the attack, your efforts impress the Caravaneer and you're quickly enlisted into the Caravan. Your mission? To discover the secret of a mysterious "Article", which will almost surely involve hunting bigger and deadlier monsters in a magical, colorful world that is the world of Monster Hunter. Overwhelmed? Not so sure what to do? This guide will give you the reference point you need to not only complete the solo campaign with flying colors, but look awesome while doing so! - Information regarding Key Quests for both Caravan and Gathering Hall quests. - Tips for becoming the best hunter possible--from preparations to Palicos. - Breakdown of the 14 unique weapon types and how to wield them to their full potential. - Detailed maps and insights for all of the major hunting grounds. - Inside scoop on every monster you will face in battle (select postgame monsters pending).
billy and baxter monster detectives

Author: rax fisher

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783743868663

Category: Humor

Page: 25

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Billy's dream is to become a monster hunter and become famous as his idol Dylan Dory, the Detective of the Horror.But Billy is cowardly and stupid.Baxter is an intelligent dog, he can talk to Billy and form an unbeatable team.Together they are the Monster Detective, and they are ready to defeat every monster.When they are not scared ....