The Witch's Guide to Wellness

Author: Krystle L. Jordan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507217931

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

View: 734

"Magic meets healthy living in this guidebook to help you become a healthier version of yourself. From crystal healing to moon cycles to other natural remedies, you'll learn everything you need to know to strengthen, treat, and support your body and spirit-all while using your witchcraft skills. In The Witch's Guide to Wellness, you will bring your spiritual practice into the practical world with spells, potions, and powerful activities. You will be able to treat common ailments, understand your body's cycle, and develop a positive relationship with your mind and body. You'll find remedies like: a hydration ritual to help you detoxify your body; a magical herb jar that will alleviate worry; a grounding ritual for spiritual balance; and much more!"--
The Modern Witch's Guide to Magic and Spells

Author: Sarah Lyddon Morrison

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: PSU:000043804832

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 216

View: 764

The third in Sarah Lyddon Morrison's witchcraft series, this book combines the magical operations of Obeah (African magic) with ancient Hawaiian magic and classic French spells. Morrison includes over 100 spells--from enticing a lover and getting even with someone for an evil deed to treating the sick, bringing good luck, and getting rid of bad habits.
Dare to Be a Green Witch

Author: Ehris Urban

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN: 0738765457



View: 616

Discover the joys of embracing a more earth-friendly, natural lifestyle with this extraordinary guide to becoming a green witch. Written by a mother and daughter who both embody this holistic path, Dare to be a Green Witch provides everything you need to get started, including dozens of recipes and remedies, entertaining stories from the authors, and the history of these practices. Join Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban on a journey into the green witch's world, where you'll explore herbal infusions, fermentation techniques, pantry essentials, natural body and facial care, and more. You'll also learn the many uses of fire cider, tonics, essential oils, collagen, and bone broth. From creating an herbal sleep pillow to energy cleansing, Dare to be a Green Witch shows you how to use nature's gifts and enjoy holistic wellness.
Weed Witch

Author: Sophie Saint Thomas

Publisher: Running Press Adult

ISBN: 0762482095


Page: 224

View: 887

Discover and harness the magic of cannabis and get wicked high, in this first-of-its-kind guide to weed in witchcraft. Cannabis and magic are woven together throughout history, and there has never been a better time to embrace your inner weed witch. In this comprehensive guide and spellbook, practicing witch and cannabis writer Sophie Saint Thomas explores the beautiful relationship between the two, offering everything you need to use marijuana in all its forms to awaken your inner magic, enhance your practice, care for your body and soul, and reach your highest self. Weed Witch explores the foundations of witchcraft and a complete cannabis rundown so everyone from beginners to experts on both subjects can blend them safely for optimal harmony. In these pages, you'll learn to use weed to magnify and augment your relationship with astrology, tarot, crystals, moon magic, and much more. The book also contains an exhaustive compendium of stoned spells for love and sex, money and work, protection and healing, and of course, fun.
Mood Magick

Author: Ora North

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781684038923

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

View: 197

"Easy, evocative.... The useful spells and rituals of Mood Magick are designed to help people improve their overall mental health.” —Foreword Reviews Discover a deeper connection with the earth, yourself, and the life you want with this witchy wellness guide—from the author of I Don’t Want to Be an Empath Anymore. There is a prevalence of helplessness, hopelessness, and disconnection in the world right now. Certainty has fallen away, and it’s unclear what tomorrow will bring. Modern technology has caused us to feel isolated, and more removed from nature than ever before. As a result, our mental health suffers. While many find solace in the tried-and-true methods of mental health management, these unprecedented times may call for an extra bit of magick to achieve the stability and healing we deserve. If you seek answers off the beaten path, this book may just be the soothing balm your soul needs. Chock-full of simple rituals and spells rooted in the elements, Mood Magick will help you navigate an ever-changing world with more ease and confidence. By employing the basic tenets of witchcraft—which rely heavily on connecting with nature—this unique guide will help you tap into your own self-knowledge and the power of your moods, bringing clarity and peace amidst the chaos of modern life. Whether you identify as a witch, are “witch curious,” or simply seeking ways to connect more deeply with nature—Mood Magick will help you create a sense of profound peace and the ability to ride the unpredictable waves of your moods and life with confidence.
Witchcraft Therapy

Author: Mandi Em

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507215845

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 837

Discover magical solutions to cope with whatever life throws your way in this fun self-help guide to invoking your inner power. Self-help is hard (and therapy is expensive!), but magic makes it easier than ever. In Witchcraft Therapy, you will learn how to use the mystical powers of intention, mindful manifestation, divination, and righteous indignation to cope with whatever life throws your way. Author and witchy wellness guru Mandi Em offers advice in her own unique brand of positivity providing spells, rituals, and more that you can do right at home. Complete with wisdom like “Remember that ‘f*ck off’ is a banishing spell,” Witchcraft Therapy will have you feeling more empowered and liberated than ever.
Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness

Author: Amy Blackthorn

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781578637782

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 242

View: 438

"A practical and personal guide to wellness and healing, this book features essential oils, plants, meditation, tarot, astrology, and personal sigils tailored to the reader's own specific needs and circumstances. The book explores methods of wellness management, using both mystical and mundane tools and techniques, and supplies holistic solutions that enable readers to lead their best lives"--
The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care

Author: Theodosia Corinth

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 9780760372654

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

View: 295

The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care features over 100 accessible rituals, spells, and mystical practices to help you reconnect to your mind, body, and spirit. Witchcraft is the practice of connecting a deeper power within yourself to the power within nature. Blending witchcraft and wellness, the abundance of meditations and manifestations in this guide will help you unite with your intentions and the natural world around you to live a fully fulfilled life. While this book will not give you a simple spell to be happy, its intention is to unseat the complex issues that are the roots of your unhappiness. Complete with meditations and mantras to guide you through the toughest parts of your craft, The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care is an essential part of any self-aware pagan's library. By performing rituals to release guilt and protection spells that build boundaries (among other things), this book will guide you through how to care for yourself and your inner witch. Reflection is a key component to self-discovery and fulfillment. Learn: How to make homemade tea blends to soothe your mind, and then read your fortune in the leftover leaves Cleansing rituals to banish bad energy Wellness witchery through goddess baths—complete with recharging herbs and crystals to help channel your light How to ward your time to protect your values Rituals for letting go of sadness, grief, and anything that is no longer serving you Uncrossing spells to help you move past whatever has been blocking you from your true happiness Herbal remedies to heal the body Everything you need is already inside you, you just have to unlock your potential and manifest the future you deserve and desire. Discover today’s top trending health and wellness topics with the Everyday Wellbeing series from Chartwell Books. From smart eating habits to personal growth advice, these engaging lifestyle guides give you the expert tips and life hacks you need to help you make good choices while practicing mindfulness and self-love. Whether you want to explore cooking with new ingredients like adaptogens and CBD, or make it a priority to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, these brightly colored take-along handbooks have the tools you need to succeed. Other titles in the series include: The Celery Juice Cookbook, Adaptogens, The CBD Handbook, The Complete Guide to Self-Care, and The Air Fryer Instant Pot Cookbook, The Plant-Based Cookbook, Quick & Easy Keto Air Fryer Cookbook
The Modern Wiccan's Guide to Living

Author: Cerridwen Greenleaf

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN: 1782498834

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 322

Packed full of witchy wisdom passed down through the generations, this is the go-to guide for the modern Wiccan. The spells and rituals in this indispensable witchy manual cover the gamut of magical rites and charms that you can apply to health, wealth, work, creativity, home, family, self-care, and love so that you can live a more prosperous, healthy and contented life. It includes the best herbs, crystals, and colors to use in your spellwork anywhere in the home where a touch of magic is needed. You can learn how to create a personal altar, a pagan power center where you can craft enchantment every day, and discover spells that create the potential for love, strengthen the union between couples, and fill your own heart with love and compassion. Its magical self-care tackles a range of problems from stress reduction to energy management and its magical tools will turn your luck round and lead to greater prosperity.
The Teen Witches' Guide to Spells

Author: Xanna Eve Chown

Publisher: Teen Witches' Guide

ISBN: 1398815209

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 878

Discover the wisdom and wonder of ancient and modern spellcraft in this invaluable introductory guide to magic. It's a must-have for every girl who's ready to release her inner enchantress ... and live a charmed life! Inside you'll find everything that you need to get started with divination, charms, and enchantments. Practical tips and techniques will help you to achieve the creative state of mind necessary for magic. You'll learn the secrets of potions and candles; spoken and written spells; and the power of your own feelings. Find out what your castings can reveal about your personality and destiny, learn how to bless and protect your friends and family -- and find your own twist on an ancient tradition. Discover the secret forces of the universe ... and unlock your own hidden power! Ideally suited to readers aged 8+.



ISBN: 9781578636303



View: 382