Themes and Issues in Primary Education

Author: Barry Hymer

Publisher: Critical Publishing

ISBN: 9781912096442

Category: Education

Page: 229

View: 326

This bespoke ebook compilation is focused on important themes and issues in primary education, including assessment, planning, behaviour management, and inclusion. It has been produced in order to address workload concerns and to offer additional but focused support by presenting a collection of helpful chapters from a wide range of texts to support your learning effectively and ensure that you continue to grow your knowledge base, develop your learning, and enjoy exploring and researching a wide range of topics in a supportive and accessible way. It takes key chapters from a range of popular educational texts. Each chapter has deliberately been kept in its original format so that you become familiar with a variety of styles and approaches as you progress your studies.
Contemporary Issues in Primary Education

Author: Mark Brundrett

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000779936

Category: Education

Page: 444

View: 280

This book was developed as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the journal Education 3–13, which has always had primary education as its main focus. The journal has been published by Routledge since 2007 and is the most important academic publication in the field internationally. This book has been edited by a team of academics and senior practitioners, all of whom are members of the Board of the journal or the Association for the Study of Primary Education (which is the owning body of the journal). It will serve as an excellent resource to researchers and students of primary education. Topics include major contemporary issues such as key challenges in the field, learning and teaching, wellbeing, teachers’ work and professionalism, and outdoor learning. The chapters in this book comprise articles published in Education 3–13 in the last ten years.
Cross Curricular Contexts, Themes And Dimensions In Primary Schools

Author: Gajendra K. Verma

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135721794

Category: Education

Page: 305

View: 414

The final volume of four, the authors, all specialists in the areas of the curriculum, consider how the concerns of ethnic groups may be addressed within the framework of the National Curriculum. Despite the indecision surrounding the structure, content, pedagogy and assessment of many components of the primary school curriculum, it remains that the multicultural nature of the population and of schools will develop. These developments and their educational implications must be considered if the educational system is to respond adequately.
Reorienting Educational Efforts for Sustainable Development

Author: Rajeswari Namagiri Gorana

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401776226

Category: Social Science

Page: 205

View: 530

Education in South Asia has a renewed agenda which can enable societies to leapfrog development that is sustainable such that the individual is prepared for his/her involvement, responsibility and commitment to local and global discussions of our common future. This book on South Asia will focus on initiatives under the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) umbrella and discuss the challenges, opportunities, issues and strategies in the countries of the region. It presents these initiatives of Environmental Education/ESD vis-à-vis the administrative, economic, social, cultural and ecological realities of each country at various levels of policy, planning, implementation and evaluation. The discussions in this book extend beyond formal education systems like schools, higher education, pre-service and in-service teacher preparation to community education and education initiatives conceptualized with the goal of sustainability. All initiatives will demonstrate how each country in its own pace contributing to move ESD from the periphery to the core of education initiatives.
School History Textbooks across Cultures

Author: Jason Nicholls

Publisher: Symposium Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781873927502

Category: Education

Page: 124

View: 516

What do school history textbooks mean in the contemporary world? What issues and debates surround their history and production, their distribution and use across cultures? This volume brings together articles by authors from the United States, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Russia and England, each piece drawing attention to a series of fascinating yet highly specific national debates. In this collection, perspectives on the place and purpose of school history textbooks are shown to differ across space and time. For the student or scholar of comparative education this compilation raises important methodological questions concerning the grounds and parameters upon which it is possible to make comparisons.
Comparative Analysis on Universal Primary Education Policy and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789463000253

Category: Education

Page: 267

View: 427

The concept of universal education is, however, not well defined and is used to mean many different things to different people. This book contains a five-year research work conducted by a group of African and Japanese researchers who have developed an equal partnership and network to review the expansion of primary education, some policies prompting the free primary education intervention, and the challenges of implementation based on the case study of two districts in four countries, namely, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda.
Professional Studies in Primary Education

Author: Hilary Cooper

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473904750

Category: Education

Page: 387

View: 607

This textbook provides a wide-ranging overview of everything you will need to know to prepare you for initial teacher training and your early career in the primary classroom. Covering practical issues including planning, assessment and classroom organisation, and thought-provoking topics such as reflecting on your own teaching practice and developing critical thinking skills, this textbook gives you a pragmatic and insightful understanding of teaching in primary schools. Key new edition features: Updated coverage of education policy Links to the Teachers’ Standards A new Work in Schools feature addressing key issues student teachers encounter Extended coverage of planning and assessment A new chapter on workplace learning exploring how to develop as a classroom professional Coverage of differences in teaching throughout the UK. This is essential reading for all students on primary initial teacher education courses including university-based (PGCE, Bed, BA with QTS), and schools-based (School Direct, SCITT) routes into teaching. Additional online resources at There are also updated free resources supporting and extending chapters, including activities, case studies, further reading and useful web links. Hilary Cooper is Professor Emeritus of History and Pedagogy at the University of Cumbria.
Key Issues for Secondary Schools

Author: Michael Farrell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134572076

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 355

Michael Farrell presents an examination of the main issues affecting secondary schools and the implications for secondary education. The resource includes information on accreditation of pupils, careers education and guidance, discipline, leadership and management and transition from primary to secondary school. By using the A-Z format, he tackles the issues in an easy to follow way. Each section ends with a series of points for action, selective suggestions for further reading and addresses of useful contacts. Michael Farrell's book is intended for a wide range of people professionally concerned with education, from Headteachers and governors to BEd and PGCE students. It is a reference book that no secondary school should be without.
Academic Leadership

Author: Marmar Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000852561

Category: Education

Page: 195

View: 834

This book provides contemporary knowledge on school effectiveness and proposes strategic interventions for enhancing it. It focuses on improving academic leadership for enhancing the effectiveness of schools and discusses how national education policies are helpful in providing a vision towards improving school effectiveness. It highlights the role of teachers as academic leaders in the implementation of policy recommendations at school and classroom levels. It offers methods and mechanisms for academic leaders to measure the learning of students for school assessment. The author also discusses how academic leadership involves creating a vision and mission based on science and research data for the organisation, inspiring innovation and creative ideas, developing teamwork, and a safe environment for staff to express their views. While providing an understanding of school as an organization, the volume outlines its management functions such as processes and quality of planning, management of curriculum, learner evaluation, institutional networks, and human resource management, among others. The volume is a guidebook for training and capacity building for school-level practitioners and leaders in education management. Embedded with real-life cases and episodes, this volume will be of interest to teachers, students, and practitioners of education, management, and education management. It will also be useful for academicians, educationalists, practitioners, management professionals, educational leaders, and policymakers.
Encyclopedia of Special Education

Author: Cecil R. Reynolds

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470174197

Category: Education

Page: 2233

View: 423

The Third Edition of the highly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Special Education has been thoroughly updated to include the latest information about new legislation and guidelines. In addition, this comprehensive resource features school psychology, neuropsychology, reviews of new tests and curricula that have been developed since publication of the second edition in 1999, and new biographies of important figures in special education. Unique in focus, the Encyclopedia of Special Education, Third Edition addresses issues of importance ranging from theory to practice and is a critical reference for researchers as well as those working in the special education field.
Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict

Author: Khalid Arar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000282986

Category: Education

Page: 236

View: 622

Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict: Exploring Challenges Across the Globe explores how neoliberal values are imprinted onto educational spaces and practices, and by consequence, fundamentally reshape how we come to understand the educational experience at the school or system level. Countries across the globe struggle with the residual effects of increased accountability, choice/voucher systems, and privatization. The first section of the book discusses the direct imprint of neoliberal policies on educational spaces. The next section examines the more indirect outcomes of neoliberalism, including the challenges of inequity, access, violence, racism, and social justice issues as a result of neoliberal ideologies. Each section of the book includes case studies about education systems across the globe, including Britain, Middle East, Turkey, United States, China, and Chile written by international contributors. Neoliberalism and Education Systems in Conflict is essential reading for educators, scholars, and faculty of educational leadership and policy globally.