Top 5 Astronauts of the World

Author: Monika Koli

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Today space travels are marketed as pleasure trips; organizations are even offering a chance to the citizens of the earth to buy their own piece of land on other celestial bodies including the Moon and Mars. Various Space Programs carried out over the years have been able to achieve what was expected of them in terms of better knowledge of the universe, enhancing a nation’s prestige, aiding in military security efforts and other benefits to the human race in general. Private sector profited out from these once unconceivable space adventures. One of the most important of these is using artificial satellites for telecommunications purposes. The beginning of 21st century also heralded the era of commercialized or privately funded space activities; selling space travels as pleasure adventure trip is one of them.
Top 5 Explorers of the World

Author: Kalyani Mookherji

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Top 5 Explorers of the World traces these currents in the journey of human exploration by focusing on the most famous explorers in history as well as some lesser known names who are nevertheless responsible for charting new territories. Ranging from classical Greece to the mid twentieth century, traversing all parts of the globe and indeed beyond it, these explorers are testament to the fact that the desire to know and discover has inspired humans across time and space in history.


Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031096525


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World's Top Explorers who Change the World - Selected Books Kit By Kalyani Mookherji (Top 5 Explorers of the World+7 Explorers who Change the World+5 Greatest Explorers of the World)

Author: Kalyani Mookherji

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

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This Combo Collection (Set of 3 Books) includes All-time Bestseller Books. This anthology contains: Top 5 Explorers of the World 7 Explorers who Change the World 5 Greatest Explorers of the World
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

Author: Chris Hadfield

Publisher: Vintage Canada

ISBN: 0345812719

Category: Astronautics

Page: 336

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As Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield captivated the world with stunning photos and commentary from space. Now, in his first book, Chris offers readers extraordinary stories from his life as an astronaut, and shows how to make the impossible a reality. Chris Hadfield decided to become an astronaut after watching the Apollo moon landing with his family on Stag Island, Ontario, when he was nine years old, and it was impossible for Canadians to be astronauts. In 2013, he served as Commander of the International Space Station orbiting the Earth during a five-month mission. Fulfilling this lifelong dream required intense focus, natural ability and a singular commitment to "thinking like an astronaut." In An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, Chris gives us a rare insider's perspective on just what that kind of thinking involves, and how earthbound humans can use it to achieve success and happiness in their lives. Astronaut training turns popular wisdom about how to be successful on its head. Instead of visualizing victory, astronauts prepare for the worst; always sweat the small stuff; and do care what others think. Chris shows how this unique education comes into play with dramatic anecdotes about going blind during a spacewalk, getting rid of a live snake while piloting a plane, and docking with space station Mir when laser tracking systems fail at the critical moment. Along the way, he shares exhilarating experiences, and challenges, from his 144 days on the ISS, and provides an unforgettable answer to his most-asked question: What's it really like in outer space? Written with humour, humility and a profound optimism for the future of space exploration, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth offers readers not just the inspiring story of one man's journey to the ISS, but the opportunity to step into his space-boots and think like an astronaut--and renew their commitment to pursuing their own dreams, big or small.
STEM in the Primary Curriculum

Author: Helen Caldwell

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781526482259

Category: Education

Page: 200

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How can teachers harness the power of STEM education and learning in the primary curriculum? This book gives practical STEM ideas for the classroom and supports teachers to make the most of opportunities for rich STEM experiences across the primary curriculum. This book: Explores the nature of STEM education and why it matters Highlights the opportunities for STEM learning across the curriculum Supports teachers to design and innovate engaging STEM learning experiences Includes a chapter on STEM in the early years.
Five Equations That Changed the World

Author: Dr. Michael Guillen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781401304911

Category: Mathematics

Page: 288

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A Publishers Weekly best book of 1995! Dr. Michael Guillen, known to millions as the science editor of ABC's Good Morning America, tells the fascinating stories behind five mathematical equations. As a regular contributor to daytime's most popular morning news show and an instructor at Harvard University, Dr. Michael Guillen has earned the respect of millions as a clear and entertaining guide to the exhilarating world of science and mathematics. Now Dr. Guillen unravels the equations that have led to the inventions and events that characterize the modern world, one of which -- Albert Einstein's famous energy equation, E=mc2 -- enabled the creation of the nuclear bomb. Also revealed are the mathematical foundations for the moon landing, airplane travel, the electric generator -- and even life itself. Praised by Publishers Weekly as "a wholly accessible, beautifully written exploration of the potent mathematical imagination," and named a Best Nonfiction Book of 1995, the stories behind The Five Equations That Changed the World, as told by Dr. Guillen, are not only chronicles of science, but also gripping dramas of jealousy, fame, war, and discovery.
Dynamic Earth

Author: Eric H. Christiansen

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781449659028

Category: Science

Page: 775

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New technologies has given us many different ways to examine the Earth. For example, we can penetrate deep into the interior of our planet and effectively X-ray its internal structure. With this technology comes an increased awareness of how our planet is continually changing and a fresh awareness of how fragile it is. Designed for the introductory Physical Geology course found in Geology, Earth Science, Geography, or Physical Science departments, Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology clearly presents Earth's dynamic geologic systems with their many interdependent and interconnected components. It provides comprehensive coverage of the two major energy systems of Earth: the plate tectonic system and the hydrologic cycle. The text fulfills the needs of professors by offering current content and a striking illustration package, while exposing students to the global view of Earth and teaching them to view the world as geologists.
The Visual Encyclopedia of Our World - The Universe • Earth • Weather • The Oceans


Publisher: Québec Amerique

ISBN: 9782764408964

Category: Earth (Planet)

Page: 336

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Marvel at our universe, with its billions of galaxies and the planets of our solar system. Explore Earth and all its breathtaking landscapes. Take a front-row seat at the impressive spectacle that is our weather and plunge to the depths of the ocean with all its hidden treasures.

Weekly World News

Weekly World News





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