Traditional Witches' Formulary and Potion-Making Guide

Author: Sophia diGregorio


ISBN: 0615727484


Page: 234

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Increase the power of your spells and rituals with these powerful potions from a variety of Western Traditions, including hard-to-find classic formulas with references to their origins provided wherever possible. This book is more than just a collection of over 300 formulas, but a guide to using beneficial astrological timing, incantations and other methods to super-charge your potions. It is an excellent reference for augmenting potions, making substitutions for ingredients or creating your own formulas for a wide variety of purposes. All of the formulas given here employ natural ingredients with the exception of old traditional potions from past centuries and those that call for food dyes as colorants. The author has, also, tried to choose ingredients or suggest substitutions in such cases that are safer and may be readily obtained. Why make your own potions when you can buy them off the shelf ready-made? When you purchase a ready-made potion, you have no way of knowing what's in it or under what conditions it was. On the other hand, you have a distinct advantage when you make your own formulas because you can ensure that they are made properly and you can customize them to your or your client's specific needs. Furthermore, many of the powerful formulas in this book cannot be found anywhere else. A long list of herbs and their attributes is provided so you can ensure that your potion has the most suitable ingredients for your particular purpose.
Bild und Schrift auf 'magischen' Artefakten

Author: Sarah Kiyanrad

Publisher: de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110601621

Category: Religion

Page: 267

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Bei Artefakten mit "magischer" Wirkung wird gerne auf die expliziten Aussagen des auf ihnen Geschriebenen Bezug genommen. Doch wie verhalten sich Text und Bild zueinander? Resultiert die Wirkung aus dem Zusammenspiel beider Elemente oder müssen bei