Travels in Four Dimensions

Author: Robin Le Poidevin

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198752555

Category: Philosophy

Page: 275

View: 826

Does time really flow, or is that simply an illusion? Did time have a beginning? What does it mean to say that time has a direction? Do space and time really exist, or are they simply the constructions of our minds? Robin Le Poidevin provides a clear, witty, and stimulating introduction to these deep questions, and many other mind-boggling puzzles and paradoxes. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required to enjoy this book. The universe might seem very different after reading it.
God’S Universe in Four Dimensions

Author: Les Burgess

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426958649

Category: Science

Page: 316

View: 595

Gods Universe in Four Dimensions examines several subjects, such as economics and the cause of the unemployment problem, from a point of view that is a blend of science and philosophy. Author Les Burgesss controversial stances may upset some people, but his belief is that is better to present the truth as he has interpreted than to perpetuate untruths that could lead to misery and destruction. Burgess emphatically supports the Christian faith, and he hopes to convert all potential Christians by explaining how God (and religion) works and why some people believe and others not. He further explores the various ideas and concepts below: Spherical space-time explained A globular map of the universe Distorted view of the universe Why the universe is everlasting Complete theory of Einsteins four dimensions The speed of light and curved space-time How the cosmic horizon works in four dimensions. Progression of time and motion Understanding the Holy Trinity doctrine The justification of God and the Cross The complementary state of the logic of nature and God Metaphysics and miracles Theory of interaction of culture and religion, but only one God New economic recovery and control strategy Gods Universe in Four Dimensions offers a solution to every problem. Logic is universal!
Paradoxes of Time Travel

Author: Ryan Wasserman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198793335

Category: Philosophy

Page: 261

View: 239

Ryan Wasserman explores a range of fascinating puzzles raised by the possibility of time travel, with entertaining examples from physics, science fiction, and popular culture, and he draws out their implications for our understanding of time, tense, freedom, fatalism, causation, counterfactuals, laws of nature, persistence, change, and mereology.
Time Travel

Author: James Gleick

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307908803

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 838

Best Books of 2016 BOSTON GLOBE * THE ATLANTIC From the acclaimed bestselling author of The Information and Chaos comes this enthralling history of time travel—a concept that has preoccupied physicists and storytellers over the course of the last century. James Gleick delivers a mind-bending exploration of time travel—from its origins in literature and science to its influence on our understanding of time itself. Gleick vividly explores physics, technology, philosophy, and art as each relates to time travel and tells the story of the concept's cultural evolutions—from H.G. Wells to Doctor Who, from Proust to Woody Allen. He takes a close look at the porous boundary between science fiction and modern physics, and, finally, delves into what it all means in our own moment in time—the world of the instantaneous, with its all-consuming present and vanishing future.
Time Move & Invisibility Functions

Author: Professor Sanjay Rout

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716250835

Category: Fiction


View: 507

The book Time Move & Invisibility Functions tells Gravity pressure of parallel strings can distort space-time that can be used for time travel each inside the beyond and future. Four. Black Hole. According to Elbert Einstein if you tour with a rate close to to the velocity of mild, after which you could make time travel possible according to the concept of relativity.

Author: C. DeSalvo

Publisher: GOD?

ISBN: 9780975430903

Category: Philosophy

Page: 321

View: 558

This 270-page, paperback book honestly and dispassionately reviews life's most important question. Unlike every other book known to the author, this book considers ALL MAJOR EVIDENCE AND ARGUMENTS, FOR AND AGAINST GOD. It reviews evidence from history, literature, philosophy, religious documents, cosmology, cellular and molecular biology, embryology, genetics, morphology (structure of organisms), phylogeny (evolution), physics, archeology and other subjects. And it does that in clear, simple English without preaching. It examines clues to design by God discovered by science in the creation and operation of the universe, the earth, all life and natural death. It considers tough subjects including miracles, Original Sin, the Trinity, Gods origin and Gods characteristics, plus many other related and vital issues. Finally, it summarizes for the lay-person, those aspects of quantum mechanics, general and special relativity and other sciences that are of particular importance regarding the question of God.Have you been too lazy, or think youre too uneducated, to thoroughly research and study the truth about God? Do you want to avoid ranting, raving and sermons? Do you want just the honest facts laid out clearly and simply? Or do you already lean towards God, but your belief doesnt have a solid scientific foundation? Perhaps you havent the knowledge to defend your beliefs against strong arguments that atheists throw in your face. This book probably explains enough for you to make a decision, to get a good start in your own investigation, to build a strong foundation under your weak beliefs, or to provide you with intellectual ammunition to defend your beliefs.In case the above comments havent made it crystal clear, this books answer to that pesky question: Does God exist? -- is a powerfully-documented Yes.
The Yoga of Time Travel

Author: Fred Alan Wolf

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 9780835630122

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 626

Time travel is not just science fiction; it may actually be possible. Wolf draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind. Cheating time, he says, is an ancient metaphysical idea from the Vedas having to do with moving through meditation to a place where time stands still.

Author: Edward Harrison

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139643450

Category: Science


View: 186

Cosmology: The Science of the Universe is an introduction to past and present cosmological theory. For much of the world's history, cosmological thought was formulated in religious or philosophical language and was thus theological or metaphysical in nature. However, cosmological speculation and theory has now become a science in which the empirical discoveries of the astronomer, theoretical physicist, and biologist are woven into intricate models that attempt to account for the universe as a whole. Professor Harrison draws on the discoveries and speculations of these scientists to provide a comprehensive survey of man's current understanding of the universe and its history. Tracing the rise of the scientific method, the major aim of this book is to provide an elementary understanding of the physical universe of modern times. Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition extends the much acclaimed first edition taking into account the many developments that have occurred.
Time Travel in Einstein's Universe

Author: J. Richard Gott

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780547526577

Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 882

A Princeton astrophysicist explores whether journeying to the past or future is scientifically possible in this “intriguing” volume (Neil deGrasse Tyson). It was H. G. Wells who coined the term “time machine”—but the concept of time travel, both forward and backward, has always provoked fascination and yearning. It has mostly been dismissed as an impossibility in the world of physics; yet theories posited by Einstein, and advanced by scientists including Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne, suggest that the phenomenon could actually occur. Building on these ideas, J. Richard Gott, a professor who has written on the subject for Scientific American, Time, and other publications, describes how travel to the future is not only possible but has already happened—and contemplates whether travel to the past is also conceivable. This look at the surprising facts behind the science fiction of time travel “deserves the attention of anyone wanting wider intellectual horizons” (Booklist). “Impressively clear language. Practical tips for chrononauts on their options for travel and the contingencies to prepare for make everything sound bizarrely plausible. Gott clearly enjoys his subject and his excitement and humor are contagious; this book is a delight to read.” —Publishers Weekly
Travel Journalism

Author: F. Hanusch

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137325983

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 634

Contributors from diverse backgrounds explore a range of issues in relation to the media and journalism's role in ascribing meaning to tourism practices. This fascinating account offers a thoroughly international and interdisciplinary perspective on an increasingly important field of journalism scholarship.
Time Travel Short Stories


Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781787552449

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 148

New authors and collections. From H.G.Wells, Jules Verne and Edward Page Mitchell stories of travelling back and forth in time have brought us ancient and future civilisations, terrifying visions and cautionary tales. In the wake of our successful Gothic and Fantasy deluxe edition short story compilations, Ghosts, Horror, Science Fiction, Murder Mayhem and Crime & Mystery, we bring you a constellation of tales, new and old, in a dazzling mix of classic and brand new writing with authors from around the world. Classic authors include: F. Anstey, Edward Bellamy, John Buchan, L. Maria Child, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, Harold Steele Mackaye, Edward Page Mitchell, William Morris, Philip Francis Nowlan, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells.