University Governance and Academic Leadership in the EU and China

Author: Zhu, Chang

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522574422

Category: Education

Page: 369

View: 862

Institutions of higher education across the world are expected to contribute to the resolution of economic, social, and environmental problems and to respond to them. However, in order to meet these expectations, universities need to have a strong sense of university governance to provide academics and researchers with a high degree of independence. University Governance and Academic Leadership in the EU and China provides innovative insights into the evolving higher education system of university governance in Europe and China. The content within this publication analyzes university governance, education technology, academic integrity, higher education, clear role positioning, and more. It is a vital reference source for education administrators, educators, academicians, policymakers, government officials, professionals, researchers, and consultants seeking coverage on topics centered on successful and effective leadership in modern universities.
Research Anthology on Preparing School Administrators to Lead Quality Education Programs

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799834397

Category: Education

Page: 1829

View: 766

The delivery of quality education to students relies heavily on the actions of an institution’s administrative staff. Effective leadership strategies allow for the continued progress of modern educational initiatives. It is crucial to investigate how effective administrators lead their organizations in challenging and difficult times and promote the accomplishments of their organization. Research Anthology on Preparing School Administrators to Lead Quality Education Programs is a vital reference source that offers theoretical and pedagogical research concerning the management of educational systems on both the national and international scale. It also explores academic administration as well as administrative effectiveness in achieving organizational goals. Highlighting a range of topics such as strategic planning, human resources, and school culture, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for educators, administrators, principals, superintendents, board members, researchers, academicians, policymakers, and students.
Introducing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Creativity and Innovation in Chinese Universities: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Zhou, Chunfang

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799835295

Category: Education

Page: 252

View: 859

Chinese universities are striving to integrate new educational elements such as student-centered learning, group learning, active learning, and learning by doing into current traditional curriculum systems for creativity development among young generations. However, the concept of creativity by its very nature is a complex term of many perspectives. It is necessary to clarify what creativity is, how creativity can be fostered in learning environments, and what universities should do in order to foster creative young talents. Introducing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Creativity and Innovation in Chinese Universities: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a critical scholarly resource that provides a multidimensional understanding on both challenges and opportunities of fostering creativity and PBL in Chinese universities and particularly discusses this implementation in a Chinese cultural context. Though related to a Chinese cultural context, the book can inspire other universities in other cultures, particularly in Asian areas, to learn why PBL is a potential strategy for creativity development and to rethink how to facilitate the innovation capability of universities in the future. Featuring a wide range of topics such as course design, educational technology, and curriculum development, this book is ideal for education professionals, academicians, teaching professors, researchers, administrators, and students.
Introduction to Sustainable Development Leadership and Strategies in Higher Education

Author: Enakshi Sengupta

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781789736472

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 796

This topical volume contextualizes the heightened interest in sustainable education across the globe and will be of interest to researchers, university leaders, and students interested in a sustainable future for universities and society as a whole.
Governance Models for Latin American Universities in the 21st Century

Author: Mohammad Ayub Khan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030834654

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 301

View: 733

This book explores new models and future possibilities of university governance in a Latin American context using management and leadership theories. The dramatic changes and uncertainty facing the world recently have forced us to reimagine the future of education. Changes such as digitalization, the increasing number of corporate universities, and the need for cost-effective educational programs and services require universities to keep evolving while ensuring that they maintain their essence as a critical social asset. This book offers a new approach to managing and leading the university, particularly by embracing the role and responsibility of delivering quality educational programs and services, by being innovative and flexible enough to make urgent decisions and act upon them in a timely and appropriate manner. With its contributions to management and the social sciences, this interdisciplinary book will serve as a valuable resource to researchers, administrators, and students alike.
Intergenerational Governance and Leadership in the Corporate World: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Puaschunder, Julia Margarete

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522580041

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 243

View: 291

Intergenerational equity constraints herald a call for intergenerational equity – the fairness to provide an at least as favorable standard of living as enjoyed today. While grounded in evolution, intergenerational fairness has not been attributed as a natural behavioral law – a human-imbued drive bound by human fallibility. A rounded ethical decision-making anomalies frame to test the applicability of the bounded ethicality paradigm in intergenerational concerns is missing. Behavioral socio-economics shows potential to improve human intergenerational conscientiousness on financial social responsibility and environmental ethicality is underexplored. Intergenerational Governance and Leadership in the Corporate World: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an essential reference source that promotes the idea of intergenerational equity in the corporate world as an alternative means to coordinating the common good and imbuing economic stability beyond a purely governmental approach. Featuring research on topics such as financial development, organizational culture, and behavioral economics, this research is ideally intended for executives, policy planners, managers, researchers, and students.
Innovating World-Class Technology-Oriented Higher Education in China

Author: Eryong Xue

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811527883

Category: Education

Page: 173

View: 507

This book examines how to create world-class, technology-oriented innovation in higher education in China. It also proposes a model in response to the demand for promoting scientific and technological advances and technological innovation in the Chinese higher education system. Moreover, the book explores key concepts, pathways, models, policies, practices, trends and implications, and offers insights into fostering innovation in higher education. Lastly, it discusses how public policy theories can be applied to promote university technology transfer in order to create world-class universities in today’s China.
A Cultural Historical Approach to Social Displacement and University-Community Engagement: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Underwood, Charles

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799874027

Category: Education

Page: 300

View: 839

In a time of worldwide turmoil and pervasive social displacement, universities and communities have come together to meet these urgent challenges in order to support the academic and social development of displaced young people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. It is crucial to understand and review how institutions, as well as individuals and collaborative groups, have worked together to expand institutional culture and practice in a process of cross-institutional expansive learning. A Cultural Historical Approach to Social Displacement and University-Community Engagement: Emerging Research and Opportunities focuses on university-community collaborative engagement as a strategic response to widespread social displacement and its implications for the educational and social development of underserved young people from displaced communities. Using a cultural historical perspective, the book offers a comparative study of collaborative engagement in multiple programs involving university and community partners in long-term efforts to address the social displacement and educational development of local young people. Specifically, it examines University-Community Links (UC Links), an international network of partnerships between universities and communities that has been addressing the educational implications of social displacement for over 20 years. This book is ideal for school faculty, students, university administrators, local community leaders, community-based organization leaders, local political leaders, teachers, and school partners, as well as researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders interested in discourse on university-community engagement in higher education, K-12, and local and state decision-making arenas.
Research Anthology on Interventions in Student Behavior and Misconduct

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781668463161

Category: Education

Page: 866

View: 870

Academic classrooms in both K-12 and higher education feature diverse students with many different backgrounds, personalities, and attitudes toward learning. A large challenge in education is not only catering to each of these students to motivate them to learn, but also the many strategies in handling diverse forms of academic misconduct. It is essential for educators and administrators to be knowledgeable not only about disciplinary actions, but also intervention methods that will create a lasting impact for student success. The Research Anthology on Interventions in Student Behavior and Misconduct provides the best practices, strategies, challenges, and interventions for managing student behavior and misconduct. It discusses intervention and disciplinary methods both at the classroom and administrative levels. This book focuses on the prevention of school violence and academic misconduct in order to promote successful learning. Covering topics such as learning behavior, student empowerment, and social-emotional learning, this major reference work is an essential resource for school counselors, faculty and administration of both K-12 and higher education, libraries, pre-service teachers, child psychologists, student advocacy organizations, researchers, and academicians.
Handbook of Public Funding of Research

Author: Benedetto Lepori

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781800883086

Category: Political Science

Page: 421

View: 785

Given the recent re-evaluation of research funding policy as an issue central to national governments and the EU, it is imperative that underlying rationales and channels for investment in research and development are examined. A pioneering analysis of the complexity, allocation and management of public funding of research, this Handbook explores the strategies whereby research can be successfully targeted and supported to resolve problems of broad public concern.
Handbook of Research on Social Inequality and Education

Author: Wisdom, Sherrie

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522591108

Category: Social Science

Page: 556

View: 569

In comparing one public school to another, discussions frequently include talk concerning the socioeconomics of a school or district, which then leads to talk about the advantages that one socioeconomic setting has over another. Educators tend to agree that low academic achievement frequently associated with a low socioeconomic status is a characteristic difficult to resolve for a population of school children. The Handbook of Research on Social Inequality and Education is a critical reference source that provides insights into social influences on school and educational settings. Featuring an array of topics including online learning, social mobility, and teacher preparation, this book is excellent for educational leaders, educational researchers, teachers, academicians, administrators, instructional designers, and teacher preparation programs.
New Movements in Academic Entrepreneurship

Author: Eriksson, PŠivi

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781800370135

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 238

Focusing on academic entrepreneurship in the university context, the authors explore how researchers, teachers, students, academic managers and administrators make sense of entrepreneurship and of the paradoxes and contradictions involved. The book investigates how these diverse entrepreneurial actors and their stakeholders interpret and analyse entrepreneurial activities within the university ecosystem.