Whistleblowing in the Australian Public Sector

Author: A. J. Brown

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 9781921536199

Category: Law

Page: 372

View: 855

The product of one of the world's most comprehensive research projects on whistleblowing, evidence from over 8,000 public servants in over 100 federal, state and local government agencies shows that whistleblowers can and do survive, and that often their role is highly valued. Public sector managers face significant challenges in better managing and protecting whistleblowers. There is great variation between the many public agencies making the effort, and the many agencies where the outcomes - for managers and whistleblowers alike - are still likely to be grim. This book is compulsory reading for all public sector managers who wish to turn this negative trend around, and for anyone interested in public accountability generally.
A Global Approach to Public Interest Disclosure

Author: David B. Lewis

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781849806978

Category: Political Science

Page: 173

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In this book, David Lewis brings together leading international experts to address the state of whistleblowing law and policy in America, Europe, Australia and South Africa. As well as outlining recent changes to whistleblowing laws and reporting major whistleblower studies, the contributors mount convincing criticisms of current laws and suggest some significant reforms. This book will provoke new thinking among those who view whistleblowing as an important practice, as well as those who are sceptical about its value in organizational life. Rodney Smith, The University of Sydney, Australia This timely and important book assesses the impact of legislation on public interest disclosures internationally, as well as setting an agenda for future research on whistleblowing. Combining both theoretical and practical methods, this unique book offers a detailed examination of some of the key statutory provisions in the UK and explores the way courts have interpreted them. The expert contributors compare the UK model with the different approaches taken in Australia, the US as well as the rest of Europe, and focus on the lessons that can be learned from the current practice of whistleblowing. They evaluate the contents and application of confidential reporting/whistleblowing procedures, and draw upon significant empirical research. This book will be of great interest to academics, postgraduate students, practitioners and policymakers in the fields of employment law, human resource management, business ethics and corporate governance.
Whistling While They Work

Author: Peter Roberts

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 9781921862311

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 126

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This guide sets out results from four years of research into how public sector organisations can better fulfil their missions, maintain their integrity and value their employees by adopting a current best-practice approach to the management of whistleblowing. This guide focuses on: the processes needed for public employees and employees of public contractors to be able to report concerns about wrongdoing in public agencies and programs; and managerial responsibilities for the support, protection and management of those who make disclosures about wrongdoing, as part of an integrated management approach. The guide is designed to assist with the special systems needed for managing 'public interest' whistleblowing-where the suspected or alleged wrongdoing affects more than the personal or private interests of the person making the disclosure. As the guide explains, however, an integrated approach requires having good systems for managing all types of reported wrongdoing-including personal, employment and workplace grievances-not least because these might often be interrelated with 'public interest' matters.

Author: Wojciech W. Gasparski

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351297905

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 204

View: 777

This latest volume in this important international series discusses practical errors and wrongdoing considered under the action theory (praxiological) umbrella, linking these to ethical behavior. Human actions related to the conduct of business should be effective and efficient. But such praxiological criteria are of secondary importance to norms that should also be taken into account. The primary norm is ethical behavior, which defines the morality of business activities on the basis of the good; these are the presupposed foundations for the human actions in business. The articles in this volume discuss whistleblowing, or the exposure of behavior that violates the ethical foundations of business. They are written from different angles and present a variety of experiences, adding new value to both the subject of praxiology as well as ethics as it relates to economic activity in its social and global context. The issues, problems, and questions raised by this international group of eminent scholars have much to add to the contemporary debate induced by the present economic crises. These crises have revealed practical errors and hypocrisy of those responsible for leadership and management, primarily of financial institutions.
International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research

Author: A J Brown

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781781006795

Category: Political Science

Page: 704

View: 415

øFeaturing contributions from scholars and policy practitioners in a number of diverse fields _ including sociology, political science, psychology, information systems, media studies, business, management, criminology, public policy and several branche
Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption

Author: Adam Graycar

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781849805032

Category: Political Science

Page: 520

View: 823

'Graycar and Smith's excellent edited volume studies corruption as a pervasive, global phenomenon. The chapters move from general overviews to in-depth studies of corruption-prone sectors such as forestry, financial markets, public procurement, and trade in diamonds and art. The volume is an important, contribution to the international study of corruption that mixes scholarly analysis with practical recommendations for the control and prevention of corruption – both international initiatives and country – or sector-specific policies.' – Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale Law School, US 'Corruption is on top of the agendas of practitioners and scholars in public administration all over the world. This volume addresses questions no one can neglect and comes up with answers we should not miss.' – Leo Huberts, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands 'This Handbook will serve as an invaluable resource for scholars, students and public officials interested in understanding corruption and its control.' – James B. Jacobs, NYU School of Law, US Corruption is a global phenomenon with costs estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. This source of original research and policy analysis deals with the most important concepts and empirical evidence in foreign corrupt practices globally. Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption includes research from all continents and provides a critical analysis of the key issues of corruption and its control. Through rigorous analysis and theoretical foundations, this book provides a multi-disciplinary and international account of corruption from the perspectives of public policy, criminal law and criminology, as well as considering principles of prevention and control in both the public and private sectors. With original and empirical analyses, this unique book will appeal to academics, researchers and students in international business and international law, staff of crime and corruption commissions and police integrity agencies, as well as international organisations such as the World Bank, IMF, Transparency International and the World Economic Forum.
Government Accountability

Author: Judith Bannister

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108576918

Category: Law


View: 284

The second edition of Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law offers an accessible and practical introduction to administrative law in Australia. The text introduces the legal principles that regulate the exercise of power by public authorities and explains the legal mechanisms that exist to remedy failures, with an emphasis on the overarching principle of accountability. Thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate recent changes to case law and legislation, this edition offers expanded, contemporary material on public investigatory bodies, information disclosure, administrative review tribunals, the limits on juridical review, and procedural fairness. Updated case examples throughout illustrate the practical operation of these principles and assist readers to connect theory with practice. Government Accountability provides readers with a concise introduction to the contexts, theory and application of administrative law and arms students with the knowledge and skills to successfully analyse and assess the decisions and actions of public authorities.
The Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration

Author: Diane Stone

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191076350

Category: Political Science

Page: 672

View: 647

Global policy making is unfurling in distinctive ways above traditional nation-state policy processes. New practices of transnational administration are emerging inside international organizations but also alongside the trans-governmental networks of regulators and inside global public private partnerships. Mainstream policy and public administration studies have tended to analyse the capacity of public sector hierarchies to globalize national policies. By contrast, this Handbook investigates new public spaces of transnational policy-making, the design and delivery of global public goods and services, and the interdependent roles of transnational administrators who move between business bodies, government agencies, international organizations, and professional associations. This Handbook is novel in taking the concepts and theories of public administration and policy studies to get inside the black box of global governance. Transnational administration is a multi-actor and multi-scalar endeavour having manifestations, depending on the policy issue or problems, at the local, urban, sub-regional, sub-national, regional, national, supranational, supra-regional, transnational, international, and global scales. These scales of 'local' and 'global' are not neatly bounded and nested spaces but are articulated together in complex patterns of policy activity. These transnational patterns represent a reinvigoration of public administration and policy studies as the Handbook authors advance their analysis beyond the methodological nationalism of the nation-state.

Author: Petter Gottschalk

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527524965

Category: Political Science

Page: 244

View: 499

Very few white-collar criminals are detected. They are able to commit and conceal their fraud to benefit their organization or themselves, and continue in their privileged professional positions as members of the elite in society. When rumors of misconduct and crime occur, white-collar offenders are often so powerful that nothing happens to them. Some are too powerful to detect, investigate, prosecute, and jail. Whistleblowers play an important role in detection. They detect crime signals and send messages to people who can do something about the situation. They may report internally to executives or auditors, or they may send messages externally to journalists or public authorities. After discussion of white-collar fraud in the perspective of convenience theory, this book moves into its core of fraud signal detection, detailing the key terms signal strength, signal alertness, pattern recognition, and personal experience. The book then presents four case studies where whistleblowers reported fraud suspicions. After whistleblowing, fraud examiners were hired to reconstruct past events in private internal investigations.
Corporate Governance and Whistleblowing

Author: Moeen Umar Cheema

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000381740

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

View: 553

Whistleblowing is often about disclosing wrongdoings by members of organisations to persons or organisations that may be able to effect action. Media would at times publish stories of whistleblowers who engage in ‘heroic’ acts of exposing wrongdoings at work, but the whistlebowers often face significant negative consequences of their whistleblowing efforts. This book examines effects of national and organisational cultures on the whistleblowing decisions of employees. The book provides empirical evidence of association between organisational culture and whistleblowing and there appears to be a lower likelihood of whistleblowing in organisations that focus more on the cultural dimensions of respect for people, innovation and stability. It also illustrates how remaining silent or blowing the whistle in response to observed wrongdoings affects employees’ key work-related attitudes. This book would interest those wish to gain better understanding of the relationship between culture and whistleblowing in organisations.