Witchcraft A Guide to Ingredients

Author: Ginger Valentine

Publisher: Veronika Jackson


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 42

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Witchcraft A Guide to Ingredients Fantastic for those who are new or experienced! This amazing book contains chapters on Herbs, Essential Oils, Crystals and Gemstones, Incense, Animal Symbolism, and even a guide to casting your own circles and preparing your own spells! With this tool, you are bound to grow and become more in tune with your craft! You will never have to search spells again when you know how to make your own for meeting your desires and needs!
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

Author: Lexa Rosean

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416525158

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 458

Bringing the art and magick of casting spells to the masses, Lexa Rosean is the new face of Wicca. In The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients she provides beginner and experienced practitioners of spellcasting with a quick, easy, and accurate guide to the magickal powers and properties of herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables, fruits, metals, and colors -- more than 500 ingredients in all. With this info at your fingertips, you can craft spells for specific desires or needs -- whether it's love, luck, fertility, or even next month's rent! Written with passion for the craft and a deep understanding of the needs of modern-day Wiccans, The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients is an indispensable addition to every occult library and an essential reference for all with the gift of magick.
The Good Witch's Guide

Author: Shawn Robbins

Publisher: Sterling Publishing (NY)

ISBN: 1454919523

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

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Witches know which magickal and natural remedies work best! From cleansing spells to hands-on healing to the spiritual use of herbs, this fully illustrated, spell -binding book offers a trove of holistic Wiccan magic and lore. It teaches you which herbs, spices, oils, brews, potions, and more can help you live life to the fullest. Plus, more than 50 top witches contribute their own healing secrets!"
The Modern Witchcraft Guide

Author: Luna Blackthorn

Publisher: Luna Blackthorn


Category: Religion

Page: 292

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Have you always wanted to understand how to cast a spell to make an important change in your life? If you are curious about the Wicca religion, its rituals and traditions, this book will help you answer your questions and introduce you to unimaginable aspects. Witchcraft is for anyone who wants to improve their interior energy, live in harmony and have a deep contact with nature and feels an organic pull towards a magic force that thrives on Earth. We can define it as an “active method of coping with existence”, rather than passively accepting events and resulting in an enhancement and increase of self-confidence. This practice offers various beginner spells, along with detailed descriptions of the most used and practical Wiccan rituals. Wicca is a modern religion with roots in ancient traditions that honor the regenerative energy of nature and the commitment to live in balance with the Earth. To achieve this you need to know when to harvest certain plants and how to dry them. Likewise, crystals will be effective if they are treated in the correct way. Every spell and ritual you will learn will contribute to your personal growth, helping you to change your lifestyle. The goal of this book is very simple: to help you develop your spirituality with the power of crystals and herbs through the Wicca religion with respect for nature and human life and obtain the spiritual and physical benefits by practicing it correctly. DOWNLOAD: The Modern Witchcraft Guide: 2 Books In 1: Wicca For Beginners + Witchcraft For Beginners In “Wicca For Beginners” you’ll discover: • The Origins And Beliefs of Wicca • How to harness the energy of the Earth enclosed in crystals, their properties and hidden meanings • Differences between Rituals and Spells that will help you develop your spirituality and get benefits for body and mind • How to use essential oils, plants and herbs In “Witchcraft For Beginners” you’ll find out: • The relationship with Nature in its deepest roots • White and Black magic spells • How to build Your Altar • Manipulation spells • Magic summoning: instructions on how to summon Spirits And much more… Find out everything you need to start practicing Wicca, Witchcraft and its Secrets. Grab your copy now!
Traditional Witches' Formulary and Potion-Making Guide

Author: Sophia diGregorio


ISBN: 0615727484


Page: 234

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Increase the power of your spells and rituals with these powerful potions from a variety of Western Traditions, including hard-to-find classic formulas with references to their origins provided wherever possible. This book is more than just a collection of over 300 formulas, but a guide to using beneficial astrological timing, incantations and other methods to super-charge your potions. It is an excellent reference for augmenting potions, making substitutions for ingredients or creating your own formulas for a wide variety of purposes. All of the formulas given here employ natural ingredients with the exception of old traditional potions from past centuries and those that call for food dyes as colorants. The author has, also, tried to choose ingredients or suggest substitutions in such cases that are safer and may be readily obtained. Why make your own potions when you can buy them off the shelf ready-made? When you purchase a ready-made potion, you have no way of knowing what's in it or under what conditions it was. On the other hand, you have a distinct advantage when you make your own formulas because you can ensure that they are made properly and you can customize them to your or your client's specific needs. Furthermore, many of the powerful formulas in this book cannot be found anywhere else. A long list of herbs and their attributes is provided so you can ensure that your potion has the most suitable ingredients for your particular purpose.
The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs

Author: Judy Ann Nock

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507211496

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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Incorporate herbs into spells, rituals, and divination with this all-inclusive guide to the benefits of using herbal magic in witchcraft. From creating potions to using dried herbs in rituals, herbal magic is a natural way to practice witchcraft. Herbs can be used in many different ways to help set the intention through every part of a witch’s process. In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs, learn everything you need to use the most powerful herbs and use them as an essential part of your practice. Including information on which herbs are best for what kinds of spells, how to use herbs in divination and rituals, and step-by-step guides to making herbal bundles, potions, and sprays, this guidebook has all the important facts to make your herbal witchcraft a success. Jam-packed with herbal ideas, this guide is perfect for both beginners and experienced witches looking to incorporate more herbs into their practice. Beautiful and functional, it is easy to navigate and offers a detailed guide to herbal magic!
Summary of Mystic Dylan's The Witch's Guide to Manifestation

Author: Everest Media

Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 9798822549388

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 27

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 Witchcraft is the use of magic to achieve a desired outcome. Magic is a neutral force, and witchcraft is a neutral practice. While there is no bloodline you must be a part of, witches and magic practitioners draw their energies from nature. #2 The modern belief and practice of magic in Western culture stems from Kemetic Greco-Roman, Celtic, and Judeo-Christian beliefs and religion. The root word for magic is Greek, and it comes from the ancient Greek word magoi, which referred to a Median tribe in Persia and their religion, Zoroastrianism. #3 Witchcraft is the intentional use of magic while upholding tradition and folklore. Tradition and folklore are different for every individual because they can be based on location, lived experience, and ancestry. The practice of magic involves offering yourself a natural focal point to engage with your surroundings and an intentional vision of your life. #4 The mundane is unavoidable, and because of that, manifestation is more than just a mystic practice. It has roots in reality, in the way we live. Gardening is an example of literal manifestaion. Whatever you'd like to manifest requires intent and care, like plants in a garden.
The Witch's Guide to Wellness

Author: Krystle L. Jordan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507217931

Category: Medical

Page: 256

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"Magic meets healthy living in this guidebook to help you become a healthier version of yourself. From crystal healing to moon cycles to other natural remedies, you'll learn everything you need to know to strengthen, treat, and support your body and spirit-all while using your witchcraft skills. In The Witch's Guide to Wellness, you will bring your spiritual practice into the practical world with spells, potions, and powerful activities. You will be able to treat common ailments, understand your body's cycle, and develop a positive relationship with your mind and body. You'll find remedies like: a hydration ritual to help you detoxify your body; a magical herb jar that will alleviate worry; a grounding ritual for spiritual balance; and much more!"--
The Modern Witch's Guide to Natural Magick

Author: Tenae Stewart

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510768109

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 280

View: 178

A magickal handbook for working with the cycles of nature through accessible recipes, rituals, and herbalism! The natural world is composed of complex, intersecting, and overlapping cycles. We experience these cycles as the passing of the seasons, moon phases, and twelve constellations of astrology. Working with natural magick is an excellent way to ground the energy of the cosmos in our real, practical experience of the world. In The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick, cottage witch Tenae Stewart shares her knowledge of natural magick to celebrate and channel the energy of life’s seasons. This magickal guide offers sixty recipes and rituals for connecting with nature and explores how devoting time and energy to these practices can benefit your daily life. Elements of natural magick practices explored in The Modern Witch's Guide to Natural Magick include: The basics of blending teas and oils for relaxation and celebration The metaphysical and magickal properties of common plants Natural recipes and rituals to celebrate and channel the energy of each season Incorporating these natural practices into your lifestyle through a morning cup of tea or evening anointing oil can be quick, easy, seasonal, and magickal. Confidently embrace nature’s cycles with a little help from The Modern Witch’s Guide to Natural Magick.
The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book

Author: Skye Alexander

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440524196

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

View: 765

What's the difference between white and black magick? Will a spell really bring love into my life? Can I practice Wicca without joining a coven? The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book, 2nd Edition uncovers the fascinating history and allure of witchcraft, cutting through common misconceptions, myths, and stereotypes. This easy-to-read guide explains the real-life rituals, practices, and symbols of this ancient practice in everyday language. Bestselling author Skye Alexander, a witch and long-time practitioner of magick, introduces you to everything you need to practice Wicca, including: Blessings, prayers, and meditations Coven rules and practices Kitchen witchery and hearth magick Journeying to other worlds Shapeshifting Magickal jewelry and stones This step-by-step guide provides magick instructions for you to try at home. Learn how to use knots to release magickal energy, why witches value the kitchen and cauldron, and how to create magickal potions and charms. Discover this spiritual community and connect with your inner witch! Skye Alexander is a witch, New Age enthusiast, and educator. Known worldwide, she was filmed for a Discovery Channel special performing a magick ritual at Stonehenge in 2001. Skye is the author of more than two dozen nonfiction and fiction books, including The Everything Tarot Book, 2nd Edition, The Everything Spells and Charms Book, 2nd Edition, The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need, and Naughty Spells, Nice Spells. She lives in Kerrville, TX.
The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft

Author: Anjou Kiernan

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 9781631598340

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 355

Written by Anjou Kiernan—named "One of the Magical Women You Should be Following on Instagram," by Refinery 29—The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft is a beginner's guide to the practice of witchcraft, providing a complete toolkit for cultivating your own practice. Magic is not for the select few. We all have the ability to connect to the power of the natural and supernatural worlds to support our intentions. Blending ancient practices with modern context, this guide gives aspiring witches a practical, easy-to-follow path through the study of natural witchcraft and ritual. Whether you are looking to commune with spirits across the veil, need an amulet for protection, wish to build your magical apothecary, create a grimoire, or curate a crystal collection for vibrational work, this guide will empower and inform your craft. Learn how to harness the power of the moon, elements, and seasons to amplify your spells and divination work. Whether for personal development or spiritual enlightenment, The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft is the perfect guide for teaching you how to tap into your own magic and apply its alchemy to your life. The Ultimate Guide to… series offers comprehensive beginner’s guides to discovering a range of mind, body, spirit topics, including tarot, divination, crystal grids, numerology, aromatherapy, chakras, and more. Filled with beautiful illustrations and designed to give easy access to the information you’re looking for, each of these references provides simple-to-follow expert guidance as you learn and master your practice.
The Ultimate Guide on Wicca, Witchcraft, Astrology, and Tarot Cards: A Book Uncovering Magic, Mystery and Spells: A Bible on Witchcraft

Author: Julia Steyson

Publisher: House of Books


Category: Religion

Page: 442

View: 624

The Ultimate Guide on Wicca,Witchcraft, Astrology and Tarot Cards A Book Uncovering Magic Mystery and Spells: A BIBLE on Wicca and Witchcraft. This is your BIBLE on Witchcraft and Wicca. It is the ONLY and ULTIMATE GUIDE you will ever need on this subject. It is made up of five books written by witches. It is also a comprehensive guide on New Age and Divine topics. It covers in detail Astrology, Tarot Card Reading and Wicca/Witchcraft and Spells. You will learn about all three topics (with a focus on WITCHCRAFT/WICCA) in extensive detail, full of pictures!&; It is a collection of Julia Steyson's books! Included in this collection are the books: Astrology Uncovered: A Guide To Horoscopes And Zodiac Signs AND Wicca Spell Book: The Ultimate Wiccan Book on Magic and Witches: A Guide to Witchcraft, Wicca and Magic in the New Age with a Divinity Code AND Astrology Uncovered: A Guide To Horoscopes And Zodiac Signs. ALSO INCLUDED is Practical Magic by Glenda Blair AND Witch Book by Glinda Abhraham. You will discover how astrology works. This book is written by an expert on astrology. This book will teach you the meaning and significance of the planets in astrology, how to read the astrological chart, and a detailed breakdown of each birth sign, horoscope, and zodiac sign.&; In the tarot card book, you will go from not knowing a thing about tarot cards to understanding how they work and how to read them. The Wicca/Witchcraft book is thorough and descriptive, it focuses on everything a Wiccan just starting out needs to know. You'll learn about spells, the five Wiccan elements -- and most importantly for a Wiccan, you'll learn about developing and nurturing your spiritual connection with the natural world. All Wiccan practices are tied to nature, from astrology to tarot. This is the perfect read for a beginner witch or anyone curious about the lifestyle of Wiccans. Inside this collection of books you will find: How to read the tarot cards strong Getting to know your tarot deck – some simple exercises How to do a Tarot Card Reading How to read an astrological chart Being able to read your horoscope with a lot of detail Information deities The Wiccan Rede How to identify and create your unique blend of magick How to set up your Pagan or Wiccan altar How to use magickal tools (safely!) How to manifest the energies you most desire in your life How to celebrate Pagan and Wiccan holidays. How to perform the right spells for the occasion. A full Gardnerian ritual to use as a solitary The Horned God explained The Universal Spirit of Wicca explained And yes, MAGIC! This is the Ultimate Guide on Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, and Wicca/Witchcraft (with spells). You will learn everything you need to know about these mystic arts. This is a great book for gaining knowledge, for your library, or the ideal gift.