Stoic Six Pack 4: The Sceptics

Author: Diogenes Laërtius


ISBN: 9781329729544

Category: History

Page: 225

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A sextet of sceptic texts has been collected in Stoic Six Pack 4 - The Sceptics: Pyrrhonic Sketches by Sextus Empiricus, Life of Pyrrho by Diogenes Laërtius, Sextus Empiricus and Greek Scepticism by Mary Mills Patrick, The Greek Sceptics: from Pyrrho to Sextus by Norman MacColl Stoics and Sceptics by Edwyn Bevan and Life of Carneades by Diogenes Laërtius.
Terry Brooks Starter Pack 4-Book Bundle

Author: Terry Brooks

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345536761

Category: Fiction

Page: 1304

View: 528

A must for fans of epic fantasy fiction—this exclusive eBook package includes the inaugural novels of four monumental series by bestselling author Terry Brooks! THE SWORD OF SHANNARA The original breakout bestseller that began the classic Shannara series! Long ago, wars of the ancient evil ruined the world. Now the dreaded Warlock Lord is returning to destroy all he sees. And half-elfin Shea Ohmsford, the last of his bloodline, must stand against the power of darkness—with the only weapon that can stop it. MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE—SOLD! Mere mortal Ben Holiday gets far more than expected when he buys a genuine kingdom and topples into an enchanted world of wizards, demons, dragons, and palace intrigue. Now he must prove his mettle against mishaps and monsters alike in order to claim his place as king. The first novel in the beloved, bestselling Kingdom of Landover series. RUNNING WITH THE DEMON In book one of the Word and the Void series, a teenage girl with untold powers and a wandering man with an uncanny destiny must join together to save an American town—and all the world—from a force of evil bent upon a reign of damnation. ARMAGEDDON’S CHILDREN The stunning Genesis of Shannara series debuts with this novel set in the ruins of the once modern world, laid to waste by a demon apocalypse. Battling to survive against a host of horrors, humanity’s remnants rally behind a lone agent of good and his powerful talisman—to stand or die against a hellish enemy. Includes excerpts of the second book in each series, as well as a special preview of Terry Brooks’s new novel, The Wards of Faerie! “A great storyteller, Terry Brooks creates rich epics filled with mystery, magic, and memorable characters. If you haven’t read Terry Brooks, you haven’t read fantasy.”—Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon and Brisingr “Terry’s place is at the head of the fantasy world.”—Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass
Wild Wolves Box Set (Books 4-6: Wilding Pack Wolves)—Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Author: Alisa Woods

Publisher: Alisa Woods


Category: Fiction

Page: 680

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Marco’s pack is being hunted… but he needs a mate to keep them strong. Marco Wilding’s pack is being picked off, one by one. The Wolf Hunter’s mercenaries are snatching wolves off the street then dumping the tortured bodies inside Marco’s territory. When they go for a shifter kid, Marco’s patrol is on it—until a beautiful female wolf steps in and kicks the kidnapper’s ass. The delay saves the kid, but Marco can’t stop drooling over this brave, unmated female who mysteriously landed in his lap. Only she wants nothing to do with him. Julia Holloway’s life was finally turning around—she was getting her degree and getting out of her mother’s house with its parade of abusive step-fathers. Then her wolf went wild and ruined her life. Now she’s on the run, but her wolf is still out of control. When it once again tries to save someone, this time a kid who was being kidnapped, she gets an offer she can’t refuse—safe harbor inside a shifter pack while she gets her life together. Only the hot shifter leader with the passionate eyes wants a mate… and wants her to stay. As Julia and Marco race to stop the Wolf Hunter’s men, Julia will have to do more than just tame her wild wolf… she’ll have to decide whether giving up everything she wants will bring her the one thing she really needs. THIS BOX SET CONTAINS Books 4-6 of the Wilding Pack Wolves Series: Wild One, Wild Fire, and Wild Magic. Each is a complete novel with HEA. See Wild Pack Box Set (Books 1-3) for the beginning of the series. For maximum reader enjoyment, start with the previous series, Riverwise Private Security. Complete Wilding Pack Wolves Series: Wild Game (Book 1) Wild Love (Book 2) Wild Heat (Book 3) Wild One (Book 4) Wild Fire (Book 5) Wild Magic (Book 6) Also boxed into two box sets: Wild Pack (Books 1-3) Wild Pack (Books 4-6) KEYWORDS: shapeshifter romance with sex, witches and werewolves romance, military romance, wolf shifter romance, paranormal romance, shifter romance, new adult romance, navy army soldier, romance ebook, romance series starters, top romance reads, fantasy romance, paranormal elements, paranormal box set romance
George R. R. Martin Starter Pack 4-Book Bundle

Author: George R. R. Martin

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780345541130

Category: Fiction

Page: 2001

View: 201

The epic saga that inspired HBO’s Game of Thrones made George R. R. Martin an international phenomenon, but there’s much more to this versatile, prolific, and original author. In addition to the book that kicks off A Song of Ice of Fire, this eBook bundle includes Dreamsongs: Volume I, which showcases Martin’s early writings; Fevre Dream, the acclaimed author’s reinvention of the vampire novel; and The Armageddon Rag, a thrilling story of psychedelic—and apocalyptic—rock. Spanning genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and suspense, Martin’s virtuosic talents will surprise and delight even his most devoted fans. A GAME OF THRONES “The only fantasy series I’d put on a level with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings . . . It’s a fantasy series for hip, smart people, even those who don’t read fantasy.”—Chicago Tribune In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. As sinister forces mass beyond the kingdom’s protective Wall, the king’s powers are failing—his most trusted adviser is dead and his enemies are emerging from the shadows of the throne. At the center of the conflict lie the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the frozen land they were born to. Now Lord Eddard Stark is reluctantly summoned to serve as the king’s new Hand, an appointment that threatens to sunder not only his family but the kingdom itself. DREAMSONGS: VOLUME I “The ideal way to discover . . . a master of science fiction, fantasy and horror. . . . Martin is a writer like no other.”—The Guardian (U.K.) Gathered here are the very best of Martin’s early works, including his Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker award–winning stories, cool fan pieces, and the original novella The Ice Dragon, from which his New York Times bestselling children’s book of the same title originated. With extensive author commentary, Dreamsongs: Volume I is a rare treat, offering fascinating insights into Martin’s journey from young writer to award-winning master. FEVRE DREAM “An adventure into the heart of darkness that transcends even the most inventive vampire novels.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner Abner Marsh, a struggling riverboat captain, suspects that something’s amiss when he is approached by a wealthy aristocrat with a lucrative offer. The hauntingly pale, steely-eyed Joshua York doesn’t care that the icy winter of 1857 has wiped out all but one of Marsh’s dilapidated fleet. Not until the maiden voyage of Fevre Dream does Marsh realize that he has joined a mission both more sinister, and perhaps more noble, than his most fantastic nightmare—and humankind’s most impossible dream. THE ARMAGEDDON RAG “The best novel concerning the American pop music culture of the sixties I’ve ever read.”—Stephen King Onetime underground journalist Sandy Blair has come a long way from his radical roots in the sixties—until he’s drawn back by the bizarre and brutal murder of a rock promoter who made millions with a band called the Nazgûl. As Sandy investigates the crime, he finds himself drawn back into his own past. For a new messiah has resurrected the Nazgûl along with a requiem of demonism, mind control, and death, whose apocalyptic tune only Sandy may be able to change.
Saga Six Pack 4

Author: Peter Christen Asbj¿rnsen


ISBN: 9781365138485

Category: Fiction

Page: 317

View: 877

Saga Six Pack 4 presents a sizzling sextet of Scandinavian super-sagas: In The Days of Giants - A Book of Norse Tales by Abbie Farwell Brown; Saga of Halfdan the Black by Snorri Sturluson; True and Untrue by George Webbe Dasent; Saga of Sigurd the Crusader and his Brothers Eystein and Olaf by Snorri Sturluson; King Alfred's Viking - A Story of the First English Fleet by Charles W. Whistler and Little Annie the Goose-girl by Peter Christen Asbjornsen."
Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission Pack 4

Author: J.S. Morin

Publisher: Magical Scrivener Press

ISBN: 9781643551180

Category: Fiction


View: 841

Meet the new boss, daughter of the old boss. It was a possibility she'd never considered and a friend she'd thought long gone. But when Tanny Rucker came to Esper for help overthrowing her father's criminal empire, it was an offer she couldn't refuse. Armed with Tanny's loyalists from her father's syndicate and the magical might Esper brings, the pair embark on a course to rewrite galactic history. To win, they might ruin countless innocent lives and even some of their friends. But convinced they're going to do more good, they press forward with their ambitious plan: to rid the galaxy of the Rucker Syndicate. Mission 13: The Girls Are Back in Town Esper and Tanny join forces to topple the Rucker Syndicate. Their first move, rescuing hostages so that no one can be forced to betray them. Mission 14: Stuck in the Astral With You To undermine the financial power of the Rucker Syndicate, Tanny and Esper go after their largest legitimate business front. Mission 15: Lair of the Dog When Tanny is forced to flee from battle, she brings her crew to the harshest, most unforgiving planet with a breathable atmosphere: Kubu's homeworld. Mission 16: Empathy for the Devil It's the final showdown for control of the Rucker Syndicate. What price will Tanny and Esper be forced to pay to realize their vision of a galaxy without its largest criminal empire? Bonus short story, Mission 16.5: Kubu's First Date Cultures clash in a first date for the ages When the opportunity arises to travel from his birth planet to his adoptive home, Kubu asks a friend to join him for the trip. But without a common culture to guide them, the two megalodogs fumble their way to a unique and unexpected idea for a first date.