You Have Been Disconnected

Author: Rida Allen

Publisher: Draumr Publishing

ISBN: 9781933157016

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 284

After five years, you would think you know a person... Matt Collins has worked with uber-programmer Phil Fink for the past five years and although they've never met in person, he's sure he has the guy pegged. Fink is an anti-social workaholic and a class-A nerd who avoids personal interaction like the plague. Matt and his colleagues love to make jokes about Fink both because of his name and the life they assume he leads. But in business, there's no other programmer that Matt would rather work with. In fact, Matt's sure his next idea is bound to be the big one and Fink is definitely the man to do the job. And of course it's just a bonus if Matt comes back the office hero with intimate knowledge of the infamous Phil Fink. Calling Phil Fink a programming guru is probably an understatement; calling Phil Fink a man is just downright wrong... Five years of being known as nerdy old Phil Fink hasn't bothered her one bit because business is business and who cares what her gender is. But when Phyllis Fink's biggest client requires her to work face-to-face with one of their internal programmers, she freaks out and threatens to leave the country. Communicating via emails and instant messages has always worked in the past, why change what's not broken? Will Matt's intrusion into her ultra-secured home office shake up her personal life as well as her business reputation? And will Matt keep her secret or return to the office with the scoop of the century and intimate knowledge of the infamous Phil Fink?
Reconnecting Disconnected Generations

Author: Abraham Great


ISBN: 9781908040176


Page: 134

View: 406

This book has taken critical study of different generations and how they have managed their relationship with God. It focuses on how different people of different generations have responded to the advancement happening in their society. It also explains how Satan has distracted Christians from the things of God by injecting worldly affairs in different generations.
Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life

Author: Eric Pearl

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401942960

Category: Self-Help

Page: 217

View: 722

Why are prominent doctors, quantum physicists, and researchers all over the world interested in the seemingly chance encounter that Dr. Pearl had with one of his patients? Readers will have to reconsider everything they know about healing, consciousness, and the four-dimensional experience on Earth.
The Righteous and Disciplined Life

Author: George Luis Medina

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973672111

Category: Religion

Page: 232

View: 188

We all have a past and coming to Jesus and being born again doesn’t mean you don’t have baggage to deal with. This book deals with a systematic approach to letting go of the past and moving forward toward the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus. It also goes on to show you what transpires in the new birth, what must be done in order for you to grow effectually in Christ and build a prosperous life while living in love, peace and joy of the Holy Ghost. It also outlines three things the church must be willing to do in order to enjoy the manifestations of God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Jeep 4.0 Engines

Author: Larry Shepard

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 9781613251386

Category: Transportation

Page: 146

View: 467

The venerable Jeep 4.0-liter inline-six engine has powered millions of Jeeps, including CJs, YJs, Wranglers, Cherokees, and Wagoneers. The 4.0 delivers adequate horsepower from the factory, but many off-road drivers want more horsepower and torque to conquer challenging terrain, which means these engines are often built and modified. The Jeep 4.0, or 242-ci, is affordable, abundant, exceptionally durable, and many consider it one of the best 4x4 off-road engines. In this Workbench title, veteran author and Chrysler/Jeep engine expert Larry Shepard covers the rebuild of an entire engine in exceptional detail. He also delves into popular high-performance modifications and build-ups. Step-by-step photos and captions cover each crucial step of the engine disassembly. He shows the inspection of all critical parts, including block, heads, rotating assembly, intake, and exhaust. Critical machining processes are covered, such as decking the block, line boring, and overboring the block. The book provides exceptional detail during the step-by-step assembly so your engine is strong and reliable. Installing a larger-displacement rotating assembly or stroker package is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase performance, and the author covers a stroker package installation in detail. With millions of Jeep 4.0 engines in the marketplace (which are subjected to extreme use), many of these engines require a rebuild. In addition, many owners want to extract more torque and horsepower from their 4.0 engines so these engine are also modified. Until now, there has not been a complete and authoritative guide that covers the engine rebuild and build-up process from beginning to end. Jeep 4.0 Engines is the essential guide for an at-home mechanic to perform a professional-caliber rebuild or a high-performance build-up.
Dave Lieber's Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong

Author: Dave Lieber

Publisher: Dave Lieber

ISBN: 9780970853080

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 123

View: 320

From one of America's last crusading newspaper columnists, Dave Lieber¿s Watchdog Nation shares tips, tools and strategies to bite back when businesses and scammers do you wrong. Save time, money and aggravation. Learn how you can overcome the pickpockets that call themselves the electric company, the phone company, debt collectors, banks, scammers, e-mail spammers, door-to-door salesmen and countless others who want to harm you and your family. This book contains real stories about real people ¿ by the ultimate authority on the subject. Dave Lieber is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas. He has helped countless folks stand up for themselves, understand their rights, fight back and win. Consumers will understand how they can take advantage of laws, regulations and other methods that will help them overcome stubborn and uncaring customer service representatives on the other side of the world, companies large and small who ignore their complaints and the growing group of hard-core criminals who take advantage of modern technology to hurt you.
The Digital Divide

Author: Benjamin M. Compaine

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262531933

Category: Digital divide

Page: 380

View: 440

The 'digital divide' refers to the gap between those who have access to the latest information technologies and those who do not. This book presents data supporting the existence of such a divide in the 1990s along racial, economic, and education lines.

Author: Raymond Martin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521592666

Category: Philosophy

Page: 187

View: 577

Raymond Martin's book is a major contribution to the philosophical literature on the nature of the self, personal identity, and survival. Its distinctive methodology is one that is phenomenologically descriptive rather than metaphysical and normative. This is the first book of analytic philosophy directly on the phenomenology of identity and survival. It aims to build bridges between analytic and phenomenological traditions and, thus, to open up a new field of investigation.
When Food Is Comfort

Author: Julie M. Simon, MA, MBA, LMFT

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608685509

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 338

View: 260

Learn Inner Nurturing and End Emotional Eating If you regularly eat when you're not truly hungry, choose unhealthy comfort foods, or eat beyond fullness, something is out of balance. Recent advances in brain science have uncovered the crucial role that our early social and emotional environment plays in the development of imbalanced eating patterns. When we do not receive consistent and sufficient emotional nurturance during our early years, we are at greater risk of seeking it from external sources, such as food. Despite logical arguments, we have difficulty modifying our behavior because we are under the influence of an emotionally dominant part of the brain. The good news is that the brain can be rewired for optimal emotional health. When Food Is Comfort presents a breakthrough mindfulness practice called Inner Nurturing, a comprehensive, step-by-step program developed by an author who was herself an emotional eater. You'll learn how to nurture yourself with the loving-kindness you crave and handle stressors more easily so that you can stop turning to food for comfort. Improved health and self-esteem, more energy, and weight loss will naturally follow.
Funerals for Friends

Author: Michael Martin


ISBN: 9781430304708

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 298

A gritty collection of 35 stories, written with raw emotion and cool melancholy, told in a compelling narrative voice that will make you smile as it breaks your heart, FUNERALS FOR FRIENDS explores the extraordinary details of ordinary lives. A sobering downhill ride through love and loss, these exciting stories take place in the home, in the office, on the street corner, and within the often disturbing relationships between men and women. But more important, these stories come from a place within the heart that is familiar to all.