As an sufferer of anxiety, and as a child abuse and domestic violence survivor, I am aware that some readers may have adverse and potentially traumatic reactions to some scenes in my books. In order to minimise the risk of this happening, I have created this page and linked back to it in the Content Note at the start of my books so readers can properly inform themselves of the events in my stories before they make the choice to proceed reading . 

If you are a reader who hates spoilers, I would advise that you do not scroll further as the details I've provided of the potentially triggering content in my books may spoil a lot of the twists and turns for you. If you do not care about potential spoilers or need to adequately prepare yourself before proceeding, then please continue to the list below. 

While I try to take as much care as possible to include all events that may be traumatic to readers, I may sometimes miss things or not realise their significance to others. Should you believe that I need to include a scene in this table, please reach out to me when you have time at


  • Stalking
  • Child physical abuse (flashback/off-page) 
  • Child sexual abuse (flashback/off-page) 
  • Graphic sex scenes
  • Public sex 
  • Dub-con sex 
  • Profanity
  • Torture
  • Murder
  • Death of a spouse
  • Child physical abuse (mentioned) 
  • Suicide (mentioned) 
  • Graphic sex scenes
  • Light BDSM sex 
  • Non-con sexual touch
  • Profanity
  • Torture (description)
  • Murder 
  • Forced marriage